Does chocolate affect Dreaming?

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A day or two ago, I went to bed after eating a bunch of See’s chocolate. That night, I had 6 dreams that I could remember, 3 of them I could remember very well. Two of them even turned into LD’s !!! I just want to know if any of you have ever experienced something like this.

I have heard that it can affect your dreams in a similar way to cheese can. I have touched closer to lucidity after drinking hot chocolate or cocoa before bed, but that usually makes me sleep heavier too and I often wake up with a cracking headache so I rarely drink it except when I feel like I need a good night’s sleep. Perhaps it’s because I sleep better and longer that I have more dreams as I stay in bed past my usual getting up time :smile:

Strange to see this topic i had a bunch of LD’s last night and i also ate a chocolate fudge cake that my mum bought for my brother as it was his birthday a couple of days ago.

To say this was the chocolate could be a possiblity because i was feeling knocked out after i ate it i went to bed early, my dad also felt shattered after he had his. Then i mentioned to my mum this afternoon that the cake slayed me last night and she told me that it was ment to go in th microwave before we ate it lol.

anywhoo i went to bed 3 hours earlier than i normally would have done which could of explained my LD’s.

When I eat chocolate before bed it makes me awake and aware… and it tastes so good, but I can not properly sleep sometimes, I toss and turn. The times I do fall asleep after eating chocolate though I do have increased Dream vividness, and the dream is a bit strange.

I am going to test this out tonight. I will eat the rest of my See’s candy drink loads of hot chocolate, and whatever else I can eat that is chocolate in my house and go to bed earlier.

See you in the morning. :peek:

I guess I could try it tonight too - we have lots of chocolate at my house. Might have some trouble falling asleep with al that sugar! I’ll report back here tommorow :good:

I dunno. I woke up and had a chocolate bar and some milk earlier, fell asleep and had two lucid dreams plus a bunch of fragments of me becoming lucid. It just might.

That might be just the thing, WBTB with chocolate. Chocolate does have something in it that can help with dreams, and the sugar could help keep your mind more alert. With WBTB, it could help enough to get you into an LD.
I will try it tonight.

Choclate does affect dreaming, i read it here somewhere when i first joined. It affects dreaming in 3 ways :

1- It increases dream recall
2- it increases the chances of having a sexual related dream
3- it does something else which i forgot :razz:

the problem is i forgot where i read this so i can’t back this up with evidence.

I think maybe chocolate (like cheese, and maybe for kinda similar reasons) is perfect for lucid dreaming provided you don’t eat too much!! … it acts as a stimulant, which might help keep your brain more aware while you’re sleeping/ dreaming, but if you binge on it you’ll probably be too stimulated & find it hard to even sleep.

Here’s something I found about this:

Dopamine & Serotonin seem to be really important for LDing … Dopamine levels stay really high while you’re asleep, & it’s probably Dopamine which gives you all the vivid, hallucinatory stuff dreams are made of … Serotonin levels plummet when you sleep, but if you can boost these up, this will help you become more conscious/ aware while you’re dreaming, and also help you remember your dreams better (it’s high levels of Serotonin ~ & also Noradrenaline ~ which are the reasons why we’re able to think logically, & also remember things that happen to us , while we’re awake). That’s my understanding anyway… :eh:

[Sorry I forgot to say, the quote before is from this page:

Holy cesar salad :grin: - it worked! Last night I ate handfulls of chocolate chips until i felt a little sick, and had my longest lucid dream yet. I still can’t believe it… how well the chocolate worked out! :woot:

Sorry guys, I screwed up the test. I guess I shouldn’t have taken that nap cuz I didn’t have much sleep last night. :cry: Thanx wnvnoss for the help with the testing :thumbs:
But anyways…

That is what I did when I posted this. I just remembered now. It was saturday and I went to sleep after loads of See’s candy. I had two or three dreams and then I woke up at like 6:30 or something. I went back to sleep really fast after jotting down notes on the and Then I had two LD’s and another dream.

Boy, I just tried the same thing last night with a few herseys kisses.

I didn’t remember a thing when I woke up :sad: I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep.

I tried it again last night, but only remembered two normal dreams, no LDs. It may have been because I ran out of chocolate chips… :tongue:

lol same here. I didn’t have any more of my See’s candy. :sad:

If anyone finds a great or perfect way to make chocolate help your dreams out LD or otherwise , feel VERY free to do so here. I have to wait till I get more chocolate and get better from my sickness I got yesterday before I can start again on my chocolate tests.

ill have to try this tonight

Good Luck Hope you get an LD. :smile:

My mom just made some fudge :grin: I’ll try it again tonight.

Hooray, I just got a couple chocolate bars, I get to experiment more.

What about you guy’s, I couldn’t remember my dream but I remember I had one and that is 3 in a row for me which means that my DR is coming back.