LDing foods???

Nice. I’d like some pickles with mostard, by the way. :happy:

ive aten ice cream before bed but ive tried this so many times and no LDs i onl remembered it pretty good.

I remember making a topic about chocolate and LD’s. once i ate a ton of chocolate then went to sleep and remembered 6 dreams( my usual is less than one ) and 2 of em were lucid. then some other guys said they would try it and they had similiar results. Go with chocolate :wink:

Wow. I am going to buy chocolate. :happy:

Chocolate it is! :open_mouth: :razz: MovieMe is running to the store before it closes

Here it is i found the link to my old topic.


im gonna try hot chocolate tonight :happy:

MMM i do love those CILD’s i had back then. In case ur the one percent of people who didnt read my chocolate topic then i have deemed CILD Chocolate Induced Lucid Dream. :content:

Okay, so I’ve heard that orange juice, bananas, and chocolate do something to help LD’s hmm?.. Well last night, I tried a Banana chocolate smoothie thing it was actually alright) and it seemed to help with the dream dry spell I’ve been having for the last week. Or maybe I just really thought it would give me dreams and I chugged a 16 oz placebo… or well… gonna try it again tonight.

bannanas give me excellent recall.

also, chocolate

the best drinks have lots of caffeine like tall boy amp energy drinks (142 mg of caffeiene)

See the problem with LDing foods with me is diabetes… I usually have to find a way to weasel around that while trying to keep my foot. Any LDing foods that have less than 15 grams of carbs?

also, one day in biology people had all of these cell projects and some people made like cakes and HUGE cookies and stuff. i ate a ton of cake and those HUGE HUGE plate size cookies and they were good. anyway, that night i had 5 LD’s! so lotsa sugar could be something to think about.

Tonight i’m gonna eat a banana, hopefully it will end my dry spell.

Sugar helps LDing…wow thats bad news for me…

I will experiment with some foods tonight, and post the results tomorrow.

So far i have eaten some oily tomato soup with pasta, a pear and an orange.

Drinking caffeine can help with a WILD. Maybe some things such as coffee, soda, or tea. I drank lots of soda before WILDing a few nights ago, not because I was drinking it for an LD, but I was drinking it while I was reading in bed. And what do you know - I had my first vivid lucid dream ever! :woo:

Somewhere in this forum there is a list of LDing foods.
Ones that I know of are:
1.) banana
2.) chocolate
3.) warm milk (to get you to go to sleep)

That’s all I know of right now.

I’ll try it- it’s a good excuse anyway…

I did an experiment with cheese to see if it would alter my dreams. I will post it later in my DJ

hey cool
Must get some choclates! Ill check it WOW!