Does everyone have these dreams? (school)

I always dream I am back at the college I went to but didnt graduate. Some of those, i become lucid. I find that i cannot register for classes or get into my locker. Other times, it is the high school I went to. Do any of you have dreams like this? What are their potential?

I have had many dreams of school. Including…

Not knowing the timetable for the day, so not knowing what to take/where to go.
Missing weeks/months and returning worried about catching up.

And don’t forget the exams … during which I can’t answer anything and hand back blank sheets! :nuu:

I always assume that it is natural, oh yeah I moved back to that college, I go there again. And I get excited and I go to my first apartment, I go to art classes and literature classes, I try to re register, etc. Sometimes I become lucid because of this and I explore and fly but they are usually cut short.

I have so many dreams about school. I feel like I most people have dreams that are about school anxieties, but my school dreams are usually the opposite. I’m back at elementary school/high school/college but everything else about my life is still the same, I still have a job and income so I’m in a position where I don’t really have to care about anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yes, I have those all the time. They fall into the category of “dreams so common that I don’t usually post them”. I usually remember that I graduated decades ago and shouldn’t be here, but it doesn’t often make me fully lucid. It did last week though!

These are probably very common dreams. If you can consistently get lucid from this, you have done well! :cool:

That is super great! My school dreams are great too, especially the ones when I became lucid. I have memory fragments from 8 years ago where I remember training kajukenbo in a strange garage (kajukenbo is a martial art I trained during college)

Yes these dreams usually make me lucid. they are fun. although i remember being in pittsburg in some strange shopping market off of a strange highway and then being stranded on the road lost not knowing how to get anywhere inside.

I get these dreams so often. 8 years out of school and I’m still running late to class. It’s crazy how embedded the mental framework of the education system is in us. I never remember being taught that we’d dream about school forever lol.

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Sounds a lot like my “Army” dreams where I have returned and can’t find my gear or uniforms and there is some emergency I need to get to.

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