Does Galantamine lose its effect over time?

There seems to be a lot of controversy about whether Galantamine loses its effect if taken too often. I am not concerned about side effects like nausea, as I’ve been lucky enough not to have any. I also respect those who do not believe in taking supplements too often because it hurts ones potential to develop the ability on ones own - I completely respect that opinion, but am looking for an answer to the actual question in the title for this thread.

Thanks in advance!!

Wikipedia says it does lose its effect.

Your body tends to build up a resistance to any kind of drug or supplement when it is taken too frequently. You need to make sure to take the supplement in the recommended dosages and at correct intervals… I can’t remember if it’s galantamine or not, but I know one supplement used for LD’s should only be taken about once every 3 days but many people make the mistake of doing it nightly.

^^ like rhewin said, you will build a resistance to it. It takes 48 hours for it to leave your system so you want to space it out every other day at the minimum. Their are also some other drugs that will shorten the time it takes for it to leave your system, which will decrease the chance of you building a resistance to it. I don’t remember the name of it but i’m lookin for it right now. If you takin it lemme know how it goes :happy:

The drug GnarGnar was referring to, is called Removed. Please only discuss substances that are completely safe and legal.. It helps to dissolve Galantamine, but it is good not to take too much because it can have negative effect on LD attempts.


It worked quite well the first 6-7 times I took it. I took 4 mg after 4 hours of sleep and had noticeable better recall remembering 5-7 dreams. I was careful to go a few days between doses. The last 3-4 times I’ve taken it it has not seemed to be as effective. I’m going to try a higher dose tonight and will report back.

It seems to be working again. I went a few weeks without it and upped my dose to 6 mg. I think if I’m too tired it doesn’t work well that day. Now I use it about once a week with WBTB and have LDs with and without it. I do have more LDs and more vivid dreams with it though.