does IMIPRAMINE affect lucidity?

does IMIPRAMINE affect lucidity?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes it does

i wake up during sleep, talk to people and stuff, then fall back to sleep instantly without any knoledge of it in the morning.
Also i shake during sleep, like i am having a fit.

Imipramine is said to cause people to not go into REM sleep, which i dont think is possible. It no doubt just retards your ability to go into REM, as no REM sleep makes you go mental.

Im on 200mg a day of imipramine, and now dont rememeber much of my dreams because of it :sad:


I just read the other day online that all SSRI’s TCA’s and the like all significantly reduce REM stage sleep.

Akira55 i looked it up in a medical databank and imipramine suppresses rem sleep…so someone who uses it has less rem sleep and there for less chance on a ld. And when you have a ld it will be shorter in time, because you have less rem sleep.