Does intention help with lucid dreams?

If you hold the intention to lucid dream in your mind up to the very last second does it work?Does it create a wake induced lucid dream?

Intent is the most vital ingredient to lucid dreaming. So it doesn’t only help, it’s almost essential (but not quite). Setting up your intent before sleeping is at the core of MILD, one of the bread and butter techniques. If you want to know about WILD, I guess that’s less about intent but about keeping a constant minimal level of consciousness as your falling asleep. But I’m not a WILDer so can’t say for sure what role it has.

Besides induction, intent is also vital for getting things done inside the lucid dream. Access to waking life memory can be limited, so having a good plan upfront and swearing to implement it in your next LD can help you accomplish specific goals inside your dreams more easily.


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Definitely, intention is A and O when it comes to spiritual practice which I see LD is a part of and even slight intention settings can push your dreams in the right direction and the most important is to Question everything that you meet if it really is the way it appears to be :wink:

Simply put, the more you can plan your intentions, the more likely it is to get lucid. And the more likely it is to remember and implement goals while lucid.

Intent is simply critical. Intent and confidence go hand in hand. If you believe you will succeed, you probably will. If your not confident or your intent is not there, you probably won’t.