does it matter if you write a dream journal?

as long as you remember your dreams well does it matter?

Well, its all up to you but dream journals are also kept because its nice to look back at your dreams but if you have good DR then no it shouldnt matter…

Because as life goes on you slowly forget more and more of your dreams. And a DJ helps your recall quite a bit. I’ve had moments where writing a fragment in my DJ made me remember entire dreams. But hey, you dont have to write in one if you dont want to.

Yeah, i agree with evreryone else. I do keep one and i do often look through it as it helps me with dream recall. So do it.

I’ve never kept one, and don’t feel that I need to, I’m more interested in making new experiences than remembering the old ones, although I understand DJ’s help you to induce LD…however I have no problem with that.

Depends how desperate you are to encourage LD’s, and if you think it’s worth keeping a journal for.

I dont have one.Although i’m thinking i should my dream recall is great so far but still, a DJ would be nice to have.Because some memories dont stay with you forever and it would probally make your dream recall even better then it is currently.

i keep one and its great.
its really fun to look back on dreams you had months before that were really funny.
also you need to keep one to “study” your dreams. Dreams signs are usually obvious, but sometimes they are specific details that you would only notice after reading your past dreams.
Also as Kit said i have many times only remembered a fragment of a dream and after writing it down rememebered the rest.

I never wanted to keep a DJ. I thought is was too much work. After a year I decided to make a DJ on the dutch LD4all forum. I had no problem with DR. I realise now that keeping a DJ helps me with getting LD’s spontaneously. :content:

Yes, I think that keeping a DJ helps you convince your SC that your really want to have LD’s. It also helps you find DS’s, and can be fun to look through and remember old dreams that you have forgoten with time. :wink:

Keeping a DJ really helps with dream recall and having LD’s.
Although it’s hard work and I personally don’t like to write in it, the results are worth it :happy:

I’m gonna go write something in my DJ right now :tongue: