Does LDing make you sad sometimes?

I was thinking just now. When you dream, miraculous stuff happens to you. It is a great escape from reality and sometimes I want full control of the actions I take in dream. But since finding out about lucid dreaming, it sort of cheapens the experiance. Lets say you are in a great dream. When you become lucid, it makes it all meaningless.

Now I have only had a few, but from what I’ve read, upon lucidity, your characters become chronically stupid. You see no point in continuing the dream story or talking to them. Now I know there is cool stuff to do while LDing, but what if you want to have an adventure. What if you want to care about the characters.

I can’t really explain what I mean but, lets say you are having an adventure dream. You gain full lucidity. Instead of continuing the dream, you see no point in it since you are god of your realm. How can you be fully aware yet avoid the effects of Lucid Dream Megalomania so you can have the adventure you want?

as you become more experienced at lucid dreaming you could lern to let go of your surroundings and go on with the adventure while still being lucid. I’ve heard about the more experienced ld:ers inhere talked about their lucid adventures, so i think being lucid is not a problem…

And you can still be surprised by the dreamcharacters and the dreamworld and have a fun experience while ld:ing…That i know from my own experience :cool_laugh:

No, lucid dreams usually make me rather euphoric. A bit disappointed at the most cause of waking up too early, but generally I wake up with a positive feeling that often lasts quite some time.
What can cause me to feel sad are rather the “normal” dreams. When you have this wonderful dream, you think it’s all real… and then you wake up and got to face a world where this wonderful things didn’t happen. This can leave me in some sort of melancholic feeling, which also can last some time. Though, usually it is a kind of saddness that is strong, but not in a violet way. More like the sadness that you feel when you think about great events of your life that now have gone by…

(Can last some hours to some days, both for the positive and for the sadness).


Like they said. At first becoming lucid really does dull the dream down a lot, because once you know you are dreaming, the instantanious events that can occur in dreams often won’t come because you are in a false sense of reality.

I havn’t had a lucid dream for a few months. But even though I do like to lucid dream, just remembering my dreams enough to keep me satisfied with my sleep activity. Because they are interesting in their own ways. I don’t think lucid dreams for most people come so often that they would not want to learn about them.

My DC’s aren’t always stupid… I’ve had conversations with them before. And they’ve tricked me a couple of times too…

As for it makiing you sad: it (personally) doesn’t make me sad. I may complain when i don’t have one for ages, but other than that I’m fine :grin:.

LD’s have only ever made me happy. Once you start having vivid ones they can be amazing. One experience I had was standing on top of a really tall snowy mountain, and looking at the lands below me. Everything was perfectly clear and vivid, and even though I knew it was all an illusion, it made me happy in a way thats hard to describe for ages. I still cheer up when I think about it, because it shows how amazing your brain can be.

it’s exactly the same for me! :cool_laugh: