Does Lucid Dreaming make us better than everyone?

Sure enough Tripper, that’s more or less the official definition of ‘Open Minded’. As I said though for some reason a very different image springs to my mind when I hear the term. Meh, nothing I can do about the imagery that my subconscious associates with words and ideas. :smile:

Anyway, I think there is a difference between being open to possibilies, and entirely shutting off your logic processor. I’ve seen people swear by the most blatantly rediculous ideaologies simply because it satisfies their desire to think more of themselves and their existance in the universe.

yes you can. In EWLD they tell some storie thing bout a kid, who had a tennis tournament the next day. He had a lucid dream, and in it just practiced tennis, the next day he won. Might jus have been his new found confidence but i dunno (he wasnt the best player b4 the dream)

Actually skydiving in a ld feels a bit different than in real life. It is hard to explaine the difference though, Unless you do it irl it is hard to understand. It is nothing major, just a different feel to the wind on you, the falling sensation… It seems a bit more, the sensations are amplified in my dreams. It has a slight unreal feel. This is just how it is to me though, everyone has different experiences, different dreams, they may feel differently.

This is just a theory, but I think a lot of people don’t like to talk about dreams because its such a personal thing. Lucid dreaming, on the other hand is often held in the same regard as ‘new age’ because of the many people who claim their lucid dreams are REAL obe’s. This is unfortunate for those of us who take lucid dreaming for what it is, a great way to explore the mind and power of imagination.