Does Lucid Dreaming make us better than everyone?

Okay, I watched the Matrix today, and it was AWESOME. But I couldn’t help from thinking …“I can do this…”

That is, things like fly, ect ect. ( I don’t wan’t to give anyting from the movie up)

So this made me think of a situation where I might be talking to someone and they say, “Man, that part in the movie was SOO cool, I wish I could fly like that, or do this, or do that ect ect”

How does it sound when you reply, “I can, I have HAVE DONE that, and more!”

As the true lucid dreamers know that post here, that if your good enough, and well trained enough, u can have lucid dreams that are INCREDIBLY REALISTIC and vivid, just like REAL LIFE. Thus the 'EXPERIANCE" of flying thru a city was damn close to flying through a WAKING STATE city.

I think it all comes down to the Experiance…

I’ve never sky dived in real life, but I can imagine that it is one of the most incredible things you can do, as far as the rush, and sensations go. Well…You can have almost an IDENTICAL experiance in a lucid dream…so, this brings me to my main point, question…

Because we can LD, and ‘experiance’ things that without lucid dreaming may not be possible…does this in some way make us ‘better’ ? Are we the NEO’s of the REAL WORLD? I mean, sure…our actions in our Lucid Dreams can’t save the world…or can it? But the simple fact we can do something someone would only ‘wish’ to be able to do is intriquing.

I’ve breath underwater…and I can pretty much say it was as real as if I could really do it in real life… Someone may ‘wish’ they could breathe underwater, or ‘experiance’ such a thing…but without lucid dreaming, will never happen (without scuba of course).

So what do you guys think? Does the art of lucid dreaming make us ‘better’? ‘Better’ might not be the most appropriate word, but I’ll keep it as is for now.

Lotta reading sorry, trying to make as couple points as clear as I can, which probably isn’t very clear hehe. …but there ya go. Let me know what you think if you care to post at all heh.

won’t be upset if no one posts heh

You are right, “better” isn´t the right word for it, but since I can´t think of another one, and since I understand you anyway… :wink:

Sometimes I wonder why it can be that most people think it is weird to be interested in something like lucid dreaming, although it makes so many things possible.I believe each person in this world knows at least one thing he´d love to do, but can´t cause of the physical limits.
Still, noone is interested in LDing.Sometimes I think it´s just a lack of information.If people really knew what lucid dreaming is, probably the lucidity institute would grow to one of the world´s largest institutions g
When you tell people about LDing, many react like “Oh yes, I know this, but I don´t care for it”.I think most of them had semi-lucids, pre-lucids or very low-level ones (However you´d like to call it).
I don´t know if this is right, though.

Are we the “Neos”, the only ones who know about the power of the mind, or are we just the only freaks who are interested in it?


Ummm…I don’t think that it makes you better, as such. Maybe it means you understand a bit more about the workings of the mind (maybe), and it certainly means you can experience things that you wouldn’t be able to in real life. If that’s what you mean by “better”, then yes, it probably does make us better people. But that’s not really what most people would say better means. It all depends on how loose your definitions are.

I think the word your looking for is more fortunite(spelling?)LDing is a gift that only few actually get to truely enjoy. We sorta are neos to our dream world. Or maybe this,what we call reality,is in fact only a dream world as well…Hmmmmm

I think that LDing makes us. . . . not better as in superior. . . more than fortunate. . . . maybe gives us an edge in the real world. Even regular dreamers have an edge because of an entire second databank of memories and experiences to draw on.
Unless shared dreaming is a reality, I’m open to the idea but have came to no conclusions either way, then LDers really are . . . . . can’t think of a good word . . . . .

Fortunate, lucky, yes - no way better. I think LDing is something anyone with a open mind and determination can learn to do so it is not “special”. Infact - I think most people have probably LD’d at least once in their life.

There is no “better”. Everyone is the same. LDing is an amazing experience, it can be learned by anyone in the world. In that aspect, it can be compared to any skill. I play electric guitar for example. That’s like me saying “Are guitar players BETTER than normal people?”

No. Everyone is the same, but it is the illusions of the world that cause people to think that some are better than others. All illusion.

Hmm I was always under the impression that normal people were better than guitar players. :content:

For the continued lack of a better word I’ll continue using the word “better.” Everything we do “betters” us as a person.(except learning to play guitar :grin: ) By that I simply mean that everything we do gives us more experiences to draw on and use in the making of our decisions. More specifically, lucid dreams make a generally more stable, sane, and open minded individual. In LDs we can face our fears, solve problems, and experience otherwise impossible things. Although some people are “better,” I agree that we are still equal.(except those guitar players :smile: )

Some people I know know what lucid dreaming is and they don’t care for it. Maybe because they don’t fully understand or they simply think it’s a waste of time. We’re not better, they’re just stupid.

You could tell them, I’ve flown like a bird, I’ve gone to outer space, I’ve experienced all sorts of amazing things, and they’ll just think you’re crazy or they ignore this incredible gift that is lucid dreaming. Something they can experience too. If they don’t want to LD it’s their loss. I can live out my wildest dreams, and they can play basketball.


The most ironic thing is that anyone can be a lucid dreamer, but for so many people “dreaming” and actually going in-depth on it and giving effort into “sleeping” seems so unrealistic and… put forward, stupid that they can’t see the long-term benefits of it. Sad, sad.

choose none i know what your talking about, when i tell someone about lucid dreaming and my dream journal they ussualy laugh. its rather annoying.

Deltron, lol I think his name is Chosen One, not Choose none. That would make more sense anyways. :wink: But anyway, lucid dreaming doesn’t make us “better” but I know what you mean. Maybe open minded is a better description, but then again it depends on HOW you find out … But I get what you’re talking about. I know I shouldn’t, but I kinda feel superior when people tell me about how they surfed once and it’s the coolest thing ever … and last night I surfed on an ocean of sprite on the moon. (really happened, believe it or not :content: )

I really don’t like the term ‘open-minded’. To me, it brings about images of an awe-struck moron (complete with gaping mouth) perfectly willing to accept any new information as fact, without even bothering to pass it through the usual filters that determine to some degree of accuracy whether an idea holds any merit or not. That said, I think most people simply never encounter information about lucid dreaming during their lives. Those that do, are more fortunate in that they get to experience things everyone else wishes they could.

By default, the averge person doesn’t believe that they can engage in life-like experiences generated entirely within their mind. All they have to go by are a couple of blurry memories from previous dreams in which they might have engaged in something extremely unlikely and completely out of their control. In their entire lifetime, they’ve never had any reason to belive that these experiences can he hightened to a level on par with reality in almost every way.

Excellant turnout on the replies :smile: I would have posted much earlier but I’ve been having MUCH difficulty posting…I’m having some issues with my password/account staying active or something, so i have to resend a new password to myself every time i want to post :sad: SUCKS bad.

But anyways…

I’ve come to the conclusion after reading what you all say that, definitly doesnt make us ‘better’…that is saying someone with certain “priveleges”, such as being rich, makes you better, which is not entiretly true. But It does in fact give us another whole section of memories to draw upon to aid us in the waking life like Raging explained, Which one could say gives lucid dreaming, ‘overall’ an edge in life by giving us the possibility of ‘bettering’ ourself by learning through our experiances.

My sum of it is…better perhaps is not the word, but the world and all beings are NOT created equally, even though it sounds good. Natural selection at work maybe? It’s a shame if someone cannot Lucid Dream or doesnt accept the possiblity…or in some cases even, “won’t” accept the possiblity.

Perhaps it takes some luck, some skill, some open mindedness…but in my eyes, Lucid Dreamers have something non lucid dreamers don’t…a BIG SOMETHING…something that is not materialistic…something that is within us all that may never do anything for us in the physical world other than give us a better “quality of life” . Some may even call it enlightenment…which may be the greatest gift of all. I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Lucid Dreamers have the ability to live from the inside out in a world that is mostly the other way around…and we can do it in a way that is scientifically proven, and no religious or spiritual beliefs are required…thus…making us…“BETTER” lol. damnit.

Blah, guess ill leave it at that. I’m too stupid to come up with any good points lol.

P.S. Sad that most people could LD just by ‘learning’ about what it is…that’s how most people get into lucid dreaming, by simply learning they exist. But the fact they were never exposed to it and never been able to harness it doesnt exlude them from the fact they might not be ‘better’ than lucid dreamers. Guess that’s just the luck of the draw.

A true but invalid point imo. A bird with wings that COULD fly but never did because he never knew to try, does’t make him a better bird, but in fact most likely made his life harder, and less enjoyable (as flying as we all know is wonderful , unless you have a fear of it hehe)

-I think a lot depends on what you consider ‘better’ too. Its all relative. But I think it’s inarguably a big PLUS, no matter what age of time you’re in, where you are, who you are, what it takes to survive ect ect.

LMAO Athiest…some may say your " open minded",
yourself …hmmmm…hehehe after all LD’s are not your regular interest now are they? …
I think of “open minded” as being able to listen to the facts without judgement. Does not mean a gaping mouth moron… means someone evolved enough to absorb alternate opinions as being valid and possible rather than narrowing their perspective and shutting off in order to be…well…right basically…in their own little world…lol

LOL Tripper…not a bad argument hehe. I have to agree

I have been wondering… What if you could actually learn something in a LD? Something you could use IRL, like playing a guitar for example. You could summon a guitar and try to play it for a while, and if you do that for some time, you’ll get the hang of it eventually, and you’ll be a LD guitarist. The question is; would you then also know how to play a guitar IRL? If that was the case, we could say that LDers who use this ability will be ‘better’ than people who don’t…

Hehe, I’ve been thinking about that too…think it’s pretty impossible to learn to play the guitar, though…but I think you can definetely practice other stuff, like having speeches in front of a big audience etc…

Actually, I rememeber a pretty cool non-ld I had once…I was playing on my old guitar…it had only 2 strings, but I managed to figure out how to play this pretty complicated dave matthews band intro, just by plucking on them…hehe, totally non-realistic, but it was pretty cool :smile:

Lol Alasken, you could practice a school presentation (or any presentation) in your dreams and as they say if you get nervous just imagine they had no clothes on. you could do that literally in your dream. :eek: (just make sure you have a class of good looking people.)

Being able to LD doesn’t make you better then anyone else. Maybe a better person. I see it as if you can LD you have one more skill under your belt then the mundane.