Does MILD mean this?

Does MILD mean you chant something in your head like " I will dream (and) I will know it’s a dream" while your trying to go to sleep?

Please answer this.

It’s not just a chant, but genuinely telling yourself that you will become lucid. It’s setting a resolution to realize you’re dreaming.

  1. say your phrase or sentance
  2. imagine yourself in a dream you’ve just had (can be any dream)
  3. ‘become’ lucid in that dream
  4. repeat 1-3 until you fall asleep

This is the basic process. I find it very reliable when used with WBTB or when I wake up in the early morning.
Hope this helped :content:

Uh sorry but i dont understand please explain more.

no problem.

Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream (MILD)
“it’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.”

What it is, is telling yourself to remember later on. Say I wanted to remember to feed my dog at noon. I would say to myself “at 12, I will feed my dog.” this puts the idea into words, and helps the mind to recall the task when it’s time.

To make this stronger, I not only would tell myself to remember, but imagine myself feeding my dog at noon, as human memory responds much better to images than it does to words.

For lucid dreaming, it’s the same thing. You tell yourself something like, “The next time I’m dreaming, I will remember that I am dreaming”

You then envision yourself becoming lucid, so that your memory will be able to recall the task once you are really dreaming.

You do both of these things a few times until you fall asleep, and with luck and practice, you will remember to realize that you are dreaming, while dreaming.

As with anything, and especially with things that have to do with human memory, the more you practice, the better it will become. Just remember not to say an empty, meaningless phrase.

Be free to ask for more explanation, I know oodles on this technique. :content: and good luck.

Ok im still lost.

  1. imagine yourself in a dream you’ve just had (can be any dream)
  2. ‘become’ lucid in that dream
  3. repeat 1-3 until you fall asleep
    I dont understand that and How do i become so i can control what i do in my dream

The first night i tried it had succes i used MILD. It was pitch black and i woke up after 2 secs. How do i make this longer and make it so i can see and control? Please make quick explination gotta go to bed soon.

not all LDs are pitch black. The question you’re asking is how to sustain and stabilize the Dream once in it.

If it’s not black, just calm down, focus on an object, and the dream will naturally solidify. If it is black, simply rub your hands together or spin around. These techniques help most people when they’re first starting out.

First LDs are almost always really low level. This goes away with experience. Lucid dreams are almost always just like real dreams, in the fact that there is solid ground, and appears to be real.

This is what you do once you lay down:

  1. Tell yourself “I will remember to realize I’m dreaming” or “I will become lucid” or something like that. Just something you can remember.

  2. Imagine you’re in a dream. Walking around, at school, on a train, or where ever. In this dream, do a Reality check (I’ll assume you know what these are, because they’re VERY important.) Have it fail. For example, if you’re counting your fingers, have 6 or something. Say “oh, I’m dreaming!” This is what I mean by ‘become lucid’ just realize that the world you see around you is a dream.

  3. repeat steps one and two until you fall asleep.

On the subject of dream control, that too comes with experience. In a dream, you can do anything. You just have to will it to happen. Say I want a pizza. I look on the table, and expect a pizza to pop out of nowhere. Don’t want it to happen, know it will happen. It’s easiest to summon things if you imagine that they will be behind a door, and then open said door. Chances are it’ll be there.

I don’t know if this’ll help you, but don’t worry about it, I’m not going anywhere. Just post a question here or PM me if you want extra help at any time.

edit: to get rid of the blackness, simply close your dream eyes, and expect to be where ever you want, and open them again. you should be there.

Ok about step 2.

All i do i pretend im having a dream were i do a RC. Right? And if so will that be my dream once i fall asleep?

yes. no.

your dream might be anything, but you just need some scene to imagine while awake. It can even be a made up dream, just imagine yourself walking on a beach or something. Old dreams work best though, preferably a recent one.

Oh, ok uh. Well do you think i will have a longer LD tonight since lastnights was just black for 2 secs???

If you have a LD tonight, yes. I do.

Most low level lucid dreams last anywhere for 2 seconds to a minute. After a deal of practice, you can have them as long as 30 minutes, and as vivid as real life. Textures, tastes, smells, colors. Everything. But you’ll learn that in time.

Good luck.

Ok well im gonna go tobed and try LD. I will say in my head" I will become lucid and remember my dream". Then i will think of a RC.

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Have you been reading Thai_Boxer’s replies or not? MILD is more than just repeating a phrase over and over in your head, it is an affirmation of what you know will happen. You have to give the words meaning and believe them to be true instead of speaking the words “I will become lucid and remember my dream” ad nauseum.

If you were doing MILD right you would know that you are going to have an LD when you go to bed, not “try” to have one like you did.

Random, yet funny :lol: