Does moving to a new house increase LD success?

I’m asking this because I’ve seen this phenomenon happen both to myself and to one of my cousins - when I moved to a new house about 7 months ago it only took two weeks until I started having frequent False Awakenings, and I seem to get them very easily if I keep a Dream Jounrla for about a week;
and just recently a cousin of mine told me that she started getting FA’s herself right after she moved to a new home.
My guess is that it’s because both of us were interested in Lucid Dreaming when we moved, so perhaps the house itself becomes some sort of “trigger”, but what do you think?

I have seen this discuss before. Sometimes I have had to sleep in another part of the house and have had LD the first night. The effect wears off. When I go on holiday I find it difficult to sleep on the first night. I think this is because of the unusual noises and sights. Maybe this makes us more aware? We are basically animals and we perceive unusual noises and sights to be potential risks to our survival and thus we are more aware during sleep and light sleep, thus are more likely to LD.