Does music help.

Well, Im a new-comer to Lucid Dreaming. I have yet to. But after watching a movie called Waking Life, I’ve become very interested in the subject. I’ve read a few here and there articles about the techniques, but they all basically stated the same thing over and over again. So here’s my question:

Does music help? I just started using music last night, and I didn’t really see any difference. I chose Jazz, because it’s a tad more calmer than, say, hard rock or heavy metal. Just a tad, though…

Hello EvanVolm, welcome :wave:

It really depends on what you do with the music. Some people use music when they WILD to keep their brain more active while falling asleep. Usually, this would be music you love and know the lyrics to, music you know well, and then you’re supposed to focus on the music and the lyrics, thus keeping your mind awake.

I guess you can also set music as a cue. If you learn to associate one song with lucidity, and then have your computer timed to start playing the song while you’re in REM sleep (or record LOTS of silence and then that one song onto a CD). Then, if you hear that song through your sleep, you might realize that the song means you’re dreaming.
Some people listen to tapes going “you are dreaming, you are in a dream” etc while going to sleep/while being asleep, and they get lucid that way.

But I doubt music in itself will do much for LDing.

Good luck. :smile:

Im guessing some Pink Floyd couldn’t hurt, eh? Im really into their music, so knowing the lyrics wouldn’t be a problem. Plus, they’re VERY soothing…

Yeah, it’s good to have a song that makes you think of lucid dreaming. Maybe whenever you’re surfing the forum or looking up things that are lucid you could play certain songs. That way your brain recognizes it as something lucid. Personally, I have a hard time sleeping to music that is supposed to aid lucid dreaming. It’s so eerie that it makes me a little scared. So many friendly songs that you like might do you good.

And I think Pink Floyd is a perfect choice for lucid music. They’re very ambient. Songs off of Relics I would imagine woud be pretty good.

Two words: Cold Play

if you have a song you know very well, then i guess that coule help. ive listened to techno while going to sleep and its been included in my dream before so it could work. just got to realize that its the music which is the hard part :tongue:

Have you tried the soundtrack to that movie? Tango nuevo might not be an obvious choice for dream music, but it has a kind of nostalgic quality for me, sort of otherworldly…and some parts are quite slow and relaxing. Very tranquil.

I watched that movie a few days ago, it’s how I got back into LD. I can’t wait for his new film.

This one time I fell asleep to this very mellow song, extremely relaxing one. This channeled the most intense OBE i have ever had, and that is the only one i have ever had. :grin:

Does “this song” have a name?

I have a playlist on my Ipod specified for when I WILD. It is mostly alternative and techno, including The Postal Service, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Pink Floyd, etc.
I have also found a neat soundtrack entitled, Astral Projection, of with which I have had 2 counts of SP and what I would describe as a low level OBE or high intensity LD.