Does "Smoke Away" really work?

I saw an ad on TV about a product called Smoke Away, which claimed that you can quit smoking within 2 weeks, easily, no matter how long you’ve smoked. My mom and dad have both smoked heavily for years, and have tried quitting multiple times using various methods, all with failure. So this definetly got my attention.

Here is the website:

Is this legit? Has anyone here tried it, or knows someone who has tried it? Any information is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can help my mom and dad beat this demon for good.

60 dollars??? why not just throw out all your cigs, then they can’t smoke even when they need it… and they’re gonna have to go way out of their way to get some… cold turkey is the best IMO. Maybe instead you could substitute the “pleasure” of smoking for something else… then again I’ve never been addicted so I don’t know how hard it is. But honestly is it that hard? cold turkey cold turkey cold turkey!!

“But honestly is it that hard?”

One piece of advice: Never say that to a smoker. You won’t live to regret it. :wink:

It IS that hard. If you do it cold turkey, you have to wait months for the nicotine and other crap to clear from your body, and during that time you’ll be extremely tense, irritable, and will not be able to think about anything other than having a smoke. Trust me, I know, my parents have tried to quit many times.

They’ve tried quite a few different methods, but this product claims to be able to do it without the irritation, and actually help cleanse the body of garbage that you get from smoking, and in only two weeks at most, with the chance of being able to quit in only a few days. All the other stop smoking programs have been almost as painful as cold turkey, so it’s pretty freaking amazing if it can do all that.

Regardless if anyone here says it works, I am going to buy it myself if my mom doesn’t. It’s a money back guarantee, so I don’t have anything to lose. I was just hoping to get some testimonials that aren’t on the site so my mom would be more motiviated to get it herself. So far she says she “might” try it. She WILL try it, if I have any say in the matter. And I do…

yeah I guess it is hard… I guess they’ve already tried reducing their “dosage” by a little at a time… like if 2 cigs/day reduce to 1 a day, then every other day… you know, just one reduction every week or two or three. But I guess that’s already been tried. Well I don’t know about the moneyback thing, but you should try it. Make sure to read the fine print ok…

I wonder if you could set up something like hypnosis or subliminal messaging… I have one on my computer set for lucid dreaming. doesnt work though, at least for me. Other people have had varying levels of success…

I imagine quitting would be easy with a little aversion therapy…

I’ve seen ads for Smoke Away many times. I have no idea whether it works but because it is on tv, my guess would be no. My step-dad just gave up smoking about a year ago and it was so incredibly hard for him. He did it with the help of one of those group programs. It didn’t actually help him that much but he just started substituting cigs for hard candy and some how managed to get through it. I had been urging him to try hypnosis for many months but he just refused it. I know that there are plenty of people who don’t believe it’s effective, but you might want to consider that direction. Here’s hoping your parents kick the habit for good!