does the count yourself into a LD technique work well?

i read in in LaBerge’s book that you say “1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming, 3 im dreaming…etc” untill you realize that your just saying “im dreaming” and then your finally dreaming. is that the way the method works or is it diff.? please helps me

I never tried this technique, but it’d never work for me because it makes me impatient after counting… it just makes me give up and fall asleep. :confused: I rather practice WILD (non-counting method) than counting until I fall asleep. I just wanted to comment on that one. :grin: Good luck on your journey!

it never worked for me either… i’d always feel myself going into deeper levels of relaxation, but i can’t let myself fall asleep until i let my mind wander.

i think maybe practicing counting and being attentive helped excersise my awareness, though. i think it helped, just not directly.

good luck :smile:

when i count i always have trouble staying on track… i always will be counting then next thing i know i don’t know what number is next. it’s hard to do because it is very boring… i think for wild the best thing to do is when you wake up, just don’t move and invision a scene/object/person or whatever you want. it is the only time WILD has worked for me.

this has been very successful for me, and most of my WILDs worked using this. I count down from 100, and every 5 numbers I say ~I’m dreaming, or I will notice vibrations. Unfortunately it does get annoying after 400 slowly counted numbers, but my its good in telling you when you are close to falling asleep. When you reailze that you forget affirmation or you skip or recount numbers, you know you’re close. I’m still using this in a combination of a few other things to help me WILD.

I have had lucid dream just from saying “Im Dreaming” over and over agian unitl I fell asleep. Give it a try!

it never worked for me.

When I try hard to get to sleep, I can’t sleep! I never remember going to sleep or vibrations or anything, but as soon as I think “I’m falling asleep” I can’t sleep all night :bored: For this reason I don’t think this tecnique would work well for me, If I just say ‘i’m dreaming, I’m dreaming’ often I realise I’m ‘half’ dreaming soon, but that’s as close as I’ve come to LDing… I’ll try it tonight!