Does the frequency of your LDs increase after your first?

I had my first one this morning after weeks of trying stuff, and i was wondering, will i start to see more of these as time goes on now that my mind has experianced it?

I was wondering the same thing…

It’s generally accepted that yes, you do experience an increase in frequency after your first. This is mainly because you’re brain now knows what you mean when you tell it you want to have a ‘lucid dream’. But equally, this increase in frequency still requires that you maintain your interest in LDs, and keep practising as hard as you were before your first.

If you decide that you no longer need to keep a journal or practise your chosen induction method just because you had your first one, you’re in for a serious lack of lucidity. :wink:

Congrats about your first one, but make sure you keep up the training. Good luck.

Alot of people experience beginners luck then they hit the wall. I know I did. First LD in with in the week. Then one a month later. Another one a month later. And now dry for 3-4 months :cool_laugh:

Good luck and I hope it wasn’t just beginners luck!

i had the next ld 6 months after the first…didnt know then anything about it…no net no books…
Then it was halved…3months…then one month…then weekly…


I started a few weeks ago, and I’ve had like one a week- last night I had two in one night for the first time! I’m psyched :happy:

The first one I tried spinning and it worked… it was great.
Second one was the first time dreaming about my digital watch… I’ve been looking at it all day long and it finally payed off…

Before tonight I had been slacking off on reading my dream journal before going to bed… I think it helped to read dreams before bed.