Does the level of how tired you are affect dream recall?

My first two nights on my dream journal i remebered two dreams each night. Since then(3 days) i haven’t remembered a dream at all. I usually go to bed out of boredom, not out of being tired. So tonight im going to stay up as late as i can and see if It affects my dream recall. I am also going to do some exercise to increase my level of exhaustion. I am getting desperate here because I can’t remember any dreams.

I downloaded free software from here ( ). It is an alarm clock that you can have mutliple settings and have it play mp3s to wake you up.

So im going to attempt a wbtb to see if it helps me to remember.

and i have been doing autosuggestion to try and remember to remember my dreams.

The first thing i do when i wake up is try and remember my dreams too, but just have had a dry spell(i realize three days is not very long, but it is still annoying).

So my goal is to see if dream recall is better the more tired you are. I will post my results.

After doing a vigorous work out and staying up later than i normally do, I remembered 5 dreams/dream fragments but i did sleep later into the day. So i will try again and go to bed at my normal sleep time and see if i have similar results.

Yes. At least in my case. I haven’t remembered a dream since the beginning of school (and it’s about to end now, so you get the idea).

last night and saturday night, I was very tired, woke up very early and went to bed very tired. My Dream Recall was not as good as usual… Everytime I woke up during these nights, I quickly tried to remember what was my dream but with no real motivation… I was too tired I guess.

Some other night, I wuold have a very good DR after 3 of 4.5 hours of sleep, so I don’t know what to think about “tiredness” ?

I find that being tired makes my recall go down.