Does the time I go to bed affect my chances of a WILD?

Lets say I go to bed at around 12, not really tired, and I don’t have an LD. If i go to bed at say…3 AM the next day, tired as hell, will i have a better chance of getting an LD at 12?

I’ve tried to test this out before, but I can’t keep awake either way. I rarely enter sleep paralysis lately.

i think going earlier would be better for WILD

Yeah i thought so too. Thanks.

NP :wink:

good luck tonite, hope you have some good dreams! :content:

I’m going to try the free LD Inducing Hypnosis file (Free) down a few posts below. Hopefully this works.

it’ll help, you really have to free your mind.

personally, im gonna experiment. im taking two melatonin tonite an hour b4 i try to go to bed, so im dead tired. then, im gonna listen to that MP3 while lying down.

im also gonna try taking two melatonin and doing RILD (at least thats what i think it is- da thing where you move your finger up and down rite?

i usually go to bed at 12am but when i went to bed at like 9pm i had a lucid dream!