Does this count as a Lucid dream?

Okay this is my story of my (half)lucid dream

I was (in my dream, not realizing i was dreaming) in school and finished the big test im going to have in 1 month, as soon as it’s finished i walk home, i realize its dark and i wanna go sleep. In the last 3 days (in real life) I tried WILD-methods, unfourtunaly i never won. Then in the dream i tried this and succed, that is, i slept in my dream of the hope im having a WILD, i suceeded (in the dream) and then i was in another dream (still part of the dream) and knew i was lucid, and i could do whatever i like. But, without the dream i never’d become lucid, because i only suceed in WILD in dreams…

So does this count as a lucid dream? i dont want to always WILD in my dream to have a lucid dream, since WILD in real life is (for me) extremely hard, or do you guys have some easy tips what makes it easier?



btw. this was my first lucid dream EVER!
:smile: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:
After Years (actually 1 month) of failure i managed (half) To get it!!

If you knew it was a dream then it was probably an LD.

I have a simple view on LDing: when you get a real LD, you are sure about it.

I guess your LD count is not 007 anymore.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if it’s a normal dream or lucid. The only sure way is to remember what you were THINKING at the time, how aware you were during the possible LD. I had this dilemma after this dream, ILLUSION OF LUCIDITY. After asking a few forum members, I decided it was a LD.