Does this count as HI?

Sometimes when I’m in bed trying to sleep, I think about some things or imagine myself doing something … I briefly lose conciousness of myself and regain it after just a few seconds feeling like I just woke up from a dream … when I regain conciousness I remember being in a dream-like environment. Sometimes I wonder whether that’s a dream or not?

  • I remember being in a dream, but it’s like the memory of it is very vague (even though the dream just happened!)
  • It’s usually very short
  • Sometimes I still have feelings of what I was doing in the dream, e.g. one time I “woke up” from a 2-sec dream feeling like a bullet just hit my hand, because that’s what happened in the “dream”
  • It happens while I’m trying to sleep, before actually sleeping.

It’s hard to explain precisely.

I was thinking about it … and maybe it has something to do with HI?
The thing is, when it happens, I’m totally unconcious of my state, I totally forget that I’m trying to sleep here. Which leads me to believe that it happens while I’m unconcious, and hence “asleep”, or in a state similar to sleeping.

I’m pretty sure you start dreaming over an hour after you actually fall into real sleep.

So I’d say you are experiencing HI.

I have that too, everytime. Also sometimes, the short scene is accompagned by really weird false memories. :eh:

And sometimes I get SP right after one of these really short " dream-like" HI… :confused:

I know you’re not supposed to enter REM phase directly, but still, I wonder. I mean WILD is about getting straight into REM phase, right ? So why wouldn’t it happened when you’re not trying to as well ?