Does this happen to you

Whenever i write in my DJ i dream (not that dream just a different dream) but when i don’t no dream at all! Does this happen to you?

Not really. I think it is because you either don’t think about dreaming or you don’t think you will dream that night. You have to tell yourself before you go to sleep, that you will dream (Think of a dream you want to have), hopefully, and studies show that about half of the time, your subconscious will remember that and you will dream about it.

As for you’re LD goal. If you are trying to get your dreams more vivid in general, try looking at your hands or rub them together. It basically connects you more to your dream (By enhancing sight and feel). You can also tell your self out loud (In the dream)
to “Increase dream lucidity”, or something similar, and that usually works.

hmm, no it doesn’t…but I think its great. Just write everyday in your DJ and you’ll know you’ll remember your dreams!

plus, we dream every night, we just don’t remember them.