Does this mean im getting close to being lucid?

Last night, i had a very strange dream. I was back in my elementary school in 3rd grade. It was very accurate, down to the exact kids in the class. I knew i was dreaming, but i was enjoying it too much to really care i was dreaming. For me, that time of my life was relaxing and care-free.

The thing is, this is the only dream I’ve had that i knew i was dreaming. I knew i wasn’t lucid because i didn’t change anything, i just kinda let the dream go on.

Does this mean im getting close to having my first LD?

You probably aren’t as close as you think to getting an LD. You probably just had an FLD (False Lucid Dream), that is you had a dream about being lucid. (which is actually very different from an LD) But then again, that must mean you are thinking alot about Lucid Dreaming, so lucidity isn’t so far away for you.

Actually, I consider this an LD – as long as you knew you were dreaming, you’re lucid, but dream control is another aspect. Could have been a low-level lucid dream, though, if you knew it was a dream, but couldn’t remember what you wanted to do in a lucid dream. Congrats! :happy:

If you knew you were dreaming, then that was a LD.
A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming.

Jep, I believe you had your first LD already, lol. :grin:
Like EllyEve said, it can be a low lucid dream. You were thinking you were not lucid because of the dream control, while you don’t need that kind of dream control to -be- lucid. When you would be lucid at high level, you wouldn’t think about that but think about what you want to do in the dream before it’s over. :smile:
Dream control is for most people something really difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t change something in your dream- you wouldn’t be lucid. If you know you are dreaming, you’re lucid, that’s it. :tongue: Once you are lucid you can decide if you want to dream on like the dream started (for example your dream about school) or leave it and do something else…when you are lucid at high level you realize you can walk away if you want to, or stay if you want to. :grin: