Does this mean my WILD was working?

I decided to take a mid day nap since I was kinda tired (I know it isn’t the best time to try this, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway). I used Bwgen to give me something to focus on, at the same time as (hopefully) help the process along. Well, I was mentally grooving to the binaural beats, and they had toned down now to a low frequency.

I started to drift off but…they started speeding up again :bored: This was a preset meant for sleeping, so I’m sure it had some purpose. As the beats sped up, I started seeing these liquid waves of color. Some were yellow, most were green. It’s like the dribbled down from the top of my vision to the bottom, but in a wave. Kinda hard to describe I suppose.

The beats kept speeding up, and I felt extremely strange. My heart rate started going up as well, and I started finding it hard to concetrate. The waves were still there, but now they had streaks included. Kinda like when you run your finger over the surface of a pool and it leaves a wake.

I couldn’t take it much longer, because it was soon got impossible to concentrate on anything. So, I took the headphones off. It had been about 30 minutes since I started trying to sleep. Any idea what that was all about?

Well if you dont like that specific preset, dont use it anymore and use one that stays on a low freqency. The stuff you saw looks a lot like HI, probably affected by the low brainwaves too (lower brainwaves can influence your visual cortex).

As sleep deepens cortical neurons start to fire more and more in sync driven by the feedback loops that connect the cortex and the thalamus. You have experienced increased synchronization (high amplitude theta and/or delta brain activity) of your visual cortex’s neurons. The famous body vibrations, the buzz like inner noises as well as these expanding entopic light patterns are all subjective manifestations of the very same basic sleep phenomena (called progressive thalamocortical synchonization).

What kind of preset did you use? I’m curious since your description about increasing beats seems to contradict that it was indeed a theta/delta stimulation.

It was either one of the ones specifically for lucid dreaming, or one of the ones that supposedly relaxes your brain. I’d have to listen to them again since I forgot :confused:

Funny that you posted this experience just now, as I had a similar experience last night. I saw a vibrant circle of colour, which washed outwards to the periphery of my vision (much like I was reaching the end of a long tunnel) these waves of colour kept washing over me until the ‘rim’, the point where the colours were washing from, had completely reached the outer periphery of my vision. It was a most exhilirating experience, though I too found it difficult to concentrate and just to go with the flow.
I wasn’t using BWGen though.

BTW I also saw some fluorescent coloured dinosaurs :razz:

I have never heard of this synchronisation and would be interested to read about it more. Can you provide a source?


This is interesting, I have this experience quite often and I wonder what it’s cause is, and if many other people experience this.

I too have had this happen to me. (If I understand the description right)

I used it once to induce WILD. I just told myself that I would continue through the rings and into a dream. Things got weird after that and happened to fast to give a detailed description of what happened next but, I did find my self in the middle of a dream fully lucid. I will see if I can find it in my DJ and maybe post a better description.

Yah. it’s the first time I have ever experienced it, but it was pretty full on! :eek: (I understand they’re called phosphenes)

I can’t get past the whole “Numb Body/Shallow Breathing” part of WILD. I just kinda sit there for a few minutes mentally acting out some of the HI i get in order to enter them as a dream… but I get nothing :sad:

Was that preset “Sleep Induction 1 (general)”?
What i did was to mix that preset with the meditation and relaxation presets using the same program.

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Yea i have the same problem cheesewheel, though i found a way around the shallow breathing… i jus focus on something really hard … like my ceiling :content: and it doesnt bother me after that

But it is really frustrating when it jus wont work … I feel so close though arghhh :cry: