Does this mean that I am getting close to lucid dreams

Hi , I started training to get LD few time ago (3 weeks or so).
The first few dreams were uniteresting. But then , I got a dream where I drove for an hour or so and I got to a place to which I usually would go to feet. I was left confused how that could happen (inside the dream).

Then I was having a normal dream but I had a vision inside the dream , I saw myself eating something , and I came to the conclusion that what I ate is causing me to be able to do some supernatural things (which I did). I was with a friend in the dream .
I said : This isn’t real , it’s just a-. Then the scene changes and I can’t do shit.

Then (I call this my first LD) I was doing something supernatural , when I wanted to tell my parents. I went inside but noticed how unplausible that is. I did a reality check , tried to push my finger through the palm , failed , held mouth and nose shut , could breathe. I decided I was dreaming , but I wasn’t concisious that I was dreaming I was like looking at someone else know he’s dreaming , dreaming about being lucid.

Then (I call this my second LD) I had a VERY weird dream. From the moment I was in the dream , I knew I’m dreaming , and the dream seemed very long. I talked to my frineds in the dream , about how I am lucid and they even responded , and I just continue like it’s normal. And not even once do I think to try something like flying or so.

So what do you think , is stuff like this normal?

You’re definitely on the right track. In fact, I’d say you’ve already experienced your very first lucid dream, so congratulations!

By definition, a lucid dream is a dream in which you realize that you’re dreaming, as in, you consciously know you’re dreaming. Although the definition is pretty self explanatory, lucidity isn’t a simple switch that translates to 100% awareness whenever it’s ON, and 0% when it’s OFF. It varies.

Take, for example, the instances in your life in which you wake up. Sometimes you wake up and feel groggy, sleepy, and confused. Then there’s times when you wake up fully energized, alert, ready to go. And then there’s times where you might’ve woken up throughout the night only to fall back to sleep almost immediately! Lucidity works a bit like this. There’s been a couple of instances where I’ve attained lucidity in a dream, but so very slightly, that I can’t make out whether I’m actually lucid or just dreaming that I’m lucid. Deep down, I may feel or instinctively know I’m dreaming, but that ‘thought’ never appears to reach counsciousness.

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure whether this particular first dream of yours is a lucid dream or not. Only you can truly know that. The way you describe it, to me it seems this was a non-lucid dream in which you dreamed about lucidity.

Now that’s more like it. Based on your description, I’ll safely classify this as a lucid dream. Then again, only you can know that. The rest comes by with practice. Remember, lucidity varies, so even though you knew you were dreaming, you could’ve not been lucid enough to exert complete control over your actions.

Thanks for the information.
I’ll continue practicing until I get a dream where I am fully lucid.