Does WILD even work?

I’ve just come from another failed WILD attempt and i just don’t get it.
I know it’s better to learn MILD but i’ve been doing that for about six months now and it hasn’t had even the slightest effect other than improving my DR.
First i lie down, relax my muscles and sort out my breathing
And start to count in my head or do my mantra, but all i ever get is numbness in my hands and feet, very unclear clouds of blue and purple that never change, a heavy feeling of compleate relaxation that floods through my body then leaves and very rarely i get a numbing tingle start to crawl up my legs but it never passes my knee then it vanishes.
I kept this up for an hour and a half and gave up. by the end i was going in and out of sleep because every once in a while i could hear myself snore.
And i don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on this site mention that they’ve had a WILD work.

First of all, are you trying at bedtime? It’s nearly impossible at bedtime. WILD is best combined with WBTB.

Second of all, if you’ve only had 1 LD before, WILD is NOT the place to start, but yet so many try it anyway. There have been many of us here on the forums who have done WILD and DEILD (I personally have done a DEILD, which is pretty much the same thing). There are many other methods to try before WILD… There’s a big list of pretty much all the techniques on the forums here: [All LD techniques)

Yes, WILD does work, and several of us on the forums and chat have had them or DEILDs, and some even have them regularly; but as is said many places, it can be very difficult and should really only be attempted after one already has pretty good skill in LDs. I hope the link helps you, and remember that if you want to find the “right” technique for you, often you have to put your own spin on the technique. :wink:

I wasn’t trying it at night it was about 20 minutes after i had woken up.
and I’ve been useing MILD for quite a while, so it’s not like I’ve just started Lucid dreaming. I just want to give WILD a go, and I’ve been trying it for awhile now, and I’ve read nearly everything i can find about it and I’ve been trying different things with it but i only get so far.
i think probably the main problem i have with it is what goes on in my head while trying it. I’ve tried counting, visualising, shifting my focus, blanking my mind, trying to passively watch the HI or color clouds whatever they are, and repeating my mantra, Not all at once though and i don’t think of them as steps, i try to let it go naturaly but it just ends up with me losing a few hours (It’s pretty freaky how fast time passes while doing WILD)