Doing LD... again.

Hey all, well, I’m new here, and I apologize for any wrong use of this forum, if that happens, and my english might not be perfect.

Anyway, I just wanted to know a little something.
I want to learn how to LD intentionally ( yeah, you might think that’s not really original ).
I read some “tutorials” and it seems a bit complicated to do so, and it needs a lot of practice.
The thing is, I used to LD a lot, but not “intentionally”, it was just a common thing for me to just realize, in the middle of a dream, that I was dreaming. But not anymore, I can’t even remember my dreams, nowadays.

So now is my final question, is it easier for me to LD intentionally if by the past I already had some LD ? I miss that a lot, it has been six month since… nothing happened. And all these things about meditation seems complicated. Do I need to start from the beginning ? Or my knowledge of previous lucid dreams will help me to do it again more easily ? Any simple tips to do LD again, as someone who used to do it, without becoming an expert in meditation ?

I was just wondering if anyone was in the same case, or had already been. Thank you if you can answer !

Hi and welcome to LD4all! I also apologise for my typing, i post this from a phone.

The techniques on this forum are very varied, and different ways work for different people. If you aren’t into meditation, you should pick one which doesn’t involve that. From my own experience, it helps a lot with techniques like MILD to have had lucid dreams before, because it is easier to imagine something when we already know what it feels like.

Sometimes, simply discussing on this forum is enough to give somebody a lucid dream. When I first joined, it took me two weeks. :cool:

I agree with Siiw. I would start from increasing dream recall. Try to recall more details and more dreams. Eventually you’ll pay more attention to details in your dreams and become lucid. After you’ve gotten some recall, go to sleep with the intention to become lucid and try to wake up between REM cycles to write down dreams and focus on your intention/incubation. Waking up between REM cycles increases the amount you recall each night a lot, but might hurt your usual sleeping habits and the amount of sleep you get. WBTB helps a lot too. For me it seems to work best when I have already slept about 6 hours. You don’t want to be too tired, but try to fall asleep fairly fast. Keep your mind focused and mostly clear from thoughts. Thinking too much keeps you awake.

Well that’s a lot of stuff right there :happy: Just take it easy and don’t try too many new techniques at once.

Well ! As you say, that’s a lot of stuff here !

For the moment I can’t really tell you something interesting, since I haven’t tried yet, but… Thanks a lot for your answers. :smile:
All i can say to you is that I will try, for sure ! And maybe tell you what happens, I don’t know, if you’re interested in reading about other’s people minds. ^^

Thanks !