Dont be Scared of WILD!

Im Pretty new (started 1 week ago) and had my first LD yesterday (it lasted about 5 mins).
At first I was really scared of Wilding, because all I’ve seen about it was “Hallucinations” and “scary sounds”. Then I found this Topic at Dreamviews :
How to WILD

It really helped because of this I realized, you can WILD without all the annoying things!
And of course its so simple, that even I got it working within 3 days.(And I’m a Complete N00B) :content:
I just wanted to tell you this, so you dont have to be scared of Wilding like I was.
Btw my anchor was visualizing like in VILD.

Hm. This sounds more like WBTB to me. And I don’t recommend using pain as an anchor because waking from a bad sleep does much more then just fuck you up physically.

I dont think its WBTB but you should combine them. I got the transision noise when I started Visualizing after I had a bit of an Blackout(it was like 5 minutes not realizing I was there(On dreamviews there was somebody who said, that this is the time when the dream creeps in)) and yeah, I have tried the pain anchor, but couldnt sleep.
After the Blackout, I recognized my anchor but was still awake and when I Visualized, the noises began and I was immediately in a Dream)

WBTB has nothing to do with this. WILD is supposed to be done after sleeping for a bit so your body enters REM faster and you skip most forms of HH. WBTB involves getting out of bed for up to a half hour while concentrating on LD’s. With this method you are completely awake by the time you get back in bed. Waking up for WILD is just waking up, making sure you’re relaxed and going right back to sleep while making your attempt. You’re no necessarily fully awake while doin this. Like Katsuno said, you can combine them togther, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone (like me) who has a hard time falling asleep.

Yah, i was pretty scared of it too, certainly after my first wild, wich was a normal dream O_O, WIND =D. Since i wasn’t lucid i couldn’t understand what the hell was happening, i mean, you lie down in the deepest sleep paralysis, still awake. With a certainty that someone is in the room. And all suddenly the bed pushes you out of bed =P. Gonna check out that post you linked.

Have you ever been Wilding, and hear a fan getting louder, and closer. I would like not be be scared by that, but its pretty freaky.

Had another ld that Night with this technique. (2 in my first week O.o)
And for the Fan…
I’m trying to sleep, remember my anchor after almost being asleep,Visualize and then this electric (not Fan like) Noise comes immediately (very loud) and within 2-4 seconds, I’m in a ld. (always false awakening so far)
I don’t even notice sp or anything else.

This technique makes sense, I’d like to try it but the ‘pain as anchor’ idea sounds pretty much creepy to me. I’ll have to find something else :razz:

You could use Visualizing or White Noise, too. Or just whatever you like ^^
But remember, dont expect ANYTHING when doing this technique.
Just think about sleeping and almost totally forget about your anchor (but still keep it passively in mind) and, well I cant tell when because you just know it (I’ve had a Blackout before) remember your anchor. When even I’m able to do it (after just 1 week) you can do it too. :happy:

Katsuno, good on you mate and congrats for your successes.

The second time you became lucid, how long did you stay lucid and what happened?

Has there been a third LD since?


My second time wasn’t very long because I focused on one thing too much. (I think it lasted about 1 minute until I focused on a Flower) :sad:
And for the third, sadly I had no time to try it again yet. (Can’t do WBTB because of School -.-)
I will try it again, when I’ve more time.

That description explained nicely why all my WILD attempts failed so far, so I’ll try this later this week and see how it goes. :smile:

Im a bit afraid of sounds but its not that, its the feeling where you “losing” your body. I end my wild when i feel that buzzy noise in my brain. But i dont have to wild i can do other stuff :smile:

The only difficult thing with this technique is to remember your anchor, so you dont fall alseep normally.
In my 2 successful attempts so far I haven’t noticed SP or any kind of Hallucinations. I just felt like before but when I Visualized the transition began immediately and I was dreaming very fast.