Don't see hypnagogia

Whenever I try and attempt WILD after I have been sleeping for about 5 hours, I awake and perform a quick reality check. But when I am trying to fall asleep again, I never see any flashes of light or wavy colors. I there something that I am doing wrong? Like not enough sleep or something? Please help!

Hi Strifer42, no your not doing anything wrong…

The stage u get hypnagogics is different for all ppl…some get them at a real light sleep stage…like just closing their eyes is enough and some like me get them just before i go into rem. And most ppl are in between…so that differs a lot for all ppl and is not the same.

So if u are like me u get them just before rem…and yes then u have to be good at wild to go all the way.
what is important that u reach a level u hardly or aint gonne feel your legs and arms…unless you focus to feel them. If u can reach this level u are on the right way! then after this u get a dark grey void…then after that i get hypnagogics and c rem visuals and a dream.

Good luck!

Thats nice to know. I have done breathing meditation before and I can feel the vibrations and pressure. Would it help to do that after I wake up?

yes it does…i can do it at all times night as well as day!

Just try out… :smile:
If u wanne ask a special tech well then do…