Hey, I was just wondering if any members played a game called DotA.
It’s a mod map for WarCraft III and it’s a really fun team game to play.
If anyone wants to play maybe, my account name is FookinIdiot.

my god, please, spare me.

Yeah, i’ve played my share of Warcraft online. 3 especially had me hooked for a while.

but ANYTHING besides DOTA!

i could never stand it, probably because i was never good at it, and by now all the games are “PRO NO NOOBS” and i can’t play because i don’t want to take the time to go to the website and download the new version (even though they could just let me leech it from them, it takes 10 seconds).


so yeah, i don’t like DOTA. But if anyone’s in the mood for a normal game (Which i suck at), Uther’s Party, or Vampirism (preferably old versions where i can be really cheap with a crapload of long towers), i’m in.

i go by KilgoreTrout90 on all of my games.

I play dota, and i was on ld4all and thought about dota so i just searched it and finded your post, i was thinking how weird would be to dream dota ?