"double-body" WILD issues?

I’ve been lucid dreaming for a few years and I’ve gotten to the point where it happens pretty consistently just spontaneously, a lot of my common dream situations have started naturally triggering them, but I’ve got a persistent problem when I try to WILD that usually breaks the dream.

When I’m trying to lucid dream I usually to WBTB and it almost always works, but once I’m in the dream it feels like there’s interference between my real sleeping body and the dream body. My limbs are heavy, my eyes are sometimes stuck shut, sometimes I can barely walk and end up lying on the floor. Trying to open my eyes usually opens them in real life and wakes me up, which is what makes me think this issue has to do with my real body, also sometimes I can feel the texture of the bed against my dream-body.

Has anybody else experienced this, and figured out a way to avoid it?

Out of the handful of times I’ve tried to WILD, I’ve encountered this each time. It’s partially carry-over sensations and an optical illusion at the same time. The best solution I’ve found is to just pretend like it’s not happening and focus on moving the dream body… Visualizing yourself moving it, and not trying to instinctively move it.

The last time I WILD’d an this happened, I did that by accident, just wanting to explore the dream. It didn’t last long enough for the double-body sensation to completely go away… but I did manage to end up moving around semi-normaly at some point.

I can’t WILD consistently enough to give better advice, unfortunately. Good luck!

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This is a relatively common thing to happen and unfortunately you’ll just have to suck it up for the most part. Heaviness, drowsiness and other things which may relate to your real life body may be combatted (from my experience) by shouting out a phrase or just “believing in yourself” that you are fully mobile. Other than that I unfortunately do not know much other suggestions.

I wonder if trying to relax and meditate in the LD would help. I believe the double body sensation happens because, on a spectrum of brainwave frequencies, yours are extremely close to wakefulness when conducting a WBTB (and obviously its more significant for some people than others, since mine don’t usually have this sensation… although sometimes I will get a gentle sensation of my sleeping body creeping in).
So the trick is to bring your brain’s frequencies down just enough to leave the sleeping body, but not so much that you leave rational thought behind as well. So meditation in a dream comes to mind, since meditation in WL works to affect your brain’s frequencies. Maybe also just talking to the dream and asking it to help might work!