Double nightmare

In grade school i have a recorring nightmare. It wasn’t a normal nightmare, there was no aggressor, no scary image, nothing like that. It stated off, i was walking and see an old lady who was carrying a basket. This is where it started. An indiscribable uneasy feeling. Then the old lady handed me a flower and said “have a nice day.” Thats when it really came. An extreme cruching feeling of dispair that just kept growing and growing to the point where it is unbareable. Then I would wake up, this insane feeling still intact, and it would stay with me for an hour or so. Every time i would go back to sleep I would end up in the same dream.

About three years ago I was talking about dreams with my familly and I started talking about that one, and as soon as I mentioned the old lady my brother Finnished saying that she gave him a flower and said have a nice day. He was describing the exact same dream. And I had never told anyone about it until then. We booth described it as the worst dream we had ever had.

Has anyone else ever expireanced anything like that? Or read about it?
If so and you have any links to pages regarding it, I would appreciate it.

You should see if that old lady was a part of your family such as a great grandma or such. She might just be a ghost trying to reach out to your family. You should try and have the dream and ask the lady who she is and what she wants. You might be surprised in what you find.
Just relax. Remember nothing can hurt you in your dreams.

Listening to “Heaven Beside You” while reading about ghosts makes me scared to sleep…

::cry, piss, moan, whimper:: :cry: :cry: