Outside research does wonders…

I’ve noticed that reading material on LD’s through out the day improves my ability to LD drastically. :wink:

Well maybe this is the exact thread I needed. I haven’t had a LD for at least a year or two. I think doubt and my negative perspective after failing and failing has been holding me back, but now I think I’ll try to change that.

Maybe it really is that simple.

I’m going to try avoiding saying things to myself like “I can’t do it,” or even “I’m having a hard time doing it.” These phrases probably just reinforce my doubt.

Research suggest these processes are automatic, we… due to health reasons, have a hard time recalling our “adventures”. Improve Waking Life = Improved LDS. Simple… remove doubt.

People this thread should be huge. We (successful dreamers) know that it is possible everytime. We also know we have done it countless times. ERASE ALL DOUBT! It is possble EVERYTIME you close your eyes and enter the neccessary “trance-like state” that is sleep. You can go to amazing places…

It is the sole thing that can fill the human void for “more”

Edit: It took me a couple of hours, but I found it!

Stop Trying to Dream and Stop Trying to Dream - Part II are both related to this, though I just reread some of noodle’s posts and it turns out that what I wrote was waaaay off from what he wrote (some people would say he is insane, though he is not in my opinion). But how noodle’s theory relates to LD’ing is the same as what you’re saying.

WARNING: Again, I feel I should note that I have a headache after writing under that part II link.

Thanks for the noodle connection I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve noticed recently that my brain automatically stops questioning things when I start to dream. My brain is doing this function because of the lack of practice or lack of trying to LD. You want to question everything in order to question something in a dream, in order to become lucid.

So in a messed up way, you could actually use doubt to help you lucid dream. But I like the “getting rid of doubt” plan better.

Could LD’s be one of human kinds most inate past-times. I find it insulting to Gods magnificance when we put limits on our own potential through self ressurected walls of deception. I fully believe we are able to seperate the conscious from our physical selves. Opening up countless doors of possibilites as to what is “real”. I find our design to be inherently perfect. And this includes the ability to fill that void for “more”. Peace…

Wow. N00dle is amazing.

I already knew that Lucid Dreaming was all mental, yet I couldn’t get away the doubt inside my head, but the grey-lined fence idea is amazing. It’s like he put the words down on paper but the idea was already on the tip of my tongue. I just couldn’t figure out how to master it, yet I knew what I had to do. It’s exactly what I needed. It is truely amazing. This has been the whole reason why I searched these forums for years looking for a simple way to get rid the doubt. I had an LD. :smile: And they will continue. I am lucid.

Grey-lined fence

It’s like teleporting.

One example is imagine your on a piece of paper, and you have to get from one side to the other. A million things could go wrong in this paper world, but all you have to do is fold the paper in half, and you’re already there.

I hope this helps everyone, because this is the technique.

I think I followed, just to reiiterate the threads point again tho…

“If you’ve done it once you can do it forever and always, doubt in all logic sense should not exist after performing an act once. We could use the bicycle metaphor here. But, if you haven’t achieved one yet then put TRUST in others testimonies to remove ‘your’ doubt.”

Quite Simple Really

*If you’ve done it you can do it.

Makes simple sense. Brilliant!
Now to work at LD powers I havent done yet… LD time!! :woo:

I’ve been reminding myself of pretty much this same thing. I have had lucid dreams, so I know I can lucid dream. I just need to get better at it. I need to tell myself that I WILL get better at it.

It will work. And a good stepping stone is when your dreams become relevant. Whenever they tend to have a strong meaning or applicable to your daily routine it is a sign from yoru inner self needing to work something out. Just picture a clear concious with nothing to work out… Lucidity will be that much more likely. Right? And combine methods, always figure ways to work in a couple. I use frequent reality checks (Handes/ Plot twists gone wrong, etc…). I also perform a WILD to enter a dream state fully aware after performing a WBTB. Which is getting up for roughly 30-60 min then returning to bed for another 2 sleep cycles (90 min/each). Dream signs work wonders. Mine tend to be illicit drugs (Detoxing), being back at school, or late for a flight.

-Shadow Dreamer

Let me know on Lucid Time. Use facts to eliminate doubt. We all know that dreams happen in mere blinks of an eye. So if a plot can occur in this amount of time, surely it must be bendable. Its not based on Waking Life’s laws… meaning all can be broken/bended/distorted/warped.

I hope we can make Lucidity a collective thing, meaning it’s a palce we really go so others can interact quite regulary with ease. I hope our consciousness improves…

Now I know what’s my problem ! I really really want to have a lucid dream , instead of being lucid , I am lucid ! no I will or whatever , I am !
it’s genius !

Mine area also being late for a flight or being back in school, but unfortunately I don’t always catch it :eh:

That’s odd, to have the same dream signs, much less 2 of such “out-there” themes. I know why I am late for the flight, becaue I am always slowed down trying to get “high”. I have a little problem, which I am currently working on. As for being back at school I don’t knwo what my subcon is trying to tell me. Unresolved business? Is a teacher my calling? Go back to college? Dunno… but it was my first hint to lucidity when I was 12-13. So I stuck with it. I encounter it atleast 3xs monthly.


An easy way to increase lucidity is to find waking life applications. it helps yoru mind conect the two adding relevance and importance. I tend to look at Dreams as a health meter. Not dreaming being the lowest “score”, and lucidity being the highest. Cleaning out your subcon is crucial. Answer yoru lifes questions and your adventures will have that much more vividness and magic. Yes, magic… PEACE

I believe in Magic! :wizard: