Stop trying to dream.

After my first lucid dream 6 months ago I have tried every day, using blinking lights, vocal cues, setting reality reference points, asking myself if i was awake, and truley wishing to become lucid.

It didn’t happen.

Every night when I said, I want to be lucid, i really really honestly want to be lucid, I never was. After watching a film called “What the @#%$ do we know?” I understood the concept of modifying your reality.

Entailed in the film was a message that everyone creates the conciousness that they sense around them. Ultimately you have entire control of the situation, but most are conditioned to believe limits exist. To remove these limits you must just believe it honestly and 100% - the slightest bit of doubt will cause the situation to exist in full. I decided to put this into practice - with no doubt.

This morning I applied the same techniques, but with the new pattern of thinking - instead of ‘I want to be lucid’, my statements becaume ‘i AM lucid.’
I became lucid, and had my first flying experience.

Just like that.

The thing to realise is that to wish to dream, is to ultimately create one. But to create a dream is to accept possibility that the dream does not exist - and people are negatively conditioned so this tends to be favoured.

In summary Stop trying to dream. Become the dream.

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that is the best advice i have read in a long time :smile:

I will do it tonight :grin:
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Hehe, i shall do that. I feel good to be here, amongst those who seek the Similar.

i’m still a little confused as to when you said this. was it while you were just lying awake in bed? or during a dream? please clarify, i really like this idea you have and want to use it!

I said this as i lay in bed.

Not as i went to sleep, because I didnt. I ‘woke up’ as so to speak.

The whole point of lucidity (at least in my view, which is the only view i have, and therefore is relatively ultimate and correct) is to ultimately not be able to discern wake from sleep. to say that i repeated ‘i am lucid’ whilst attempting to go to sleep discerns the possibility that i will sleep uninterrupted.

To clarify, i lay down and shut my eyes, and repeated ‘i AM lucid’. since I do not sense when I am unconcious, i never fell asleep. i simply chanted i am lucid, until i was.

brilliant :cool_laugh: :content: i really like the way you have done this, it makes a lot of sense, i’ll see if it works for me. good luck in you endevoures, thanks again!

mmmm i have to disagree with that imo :wink: i think you would hold your self back if you did this, but if you mean this in a wild sense then i am totaly with you :smile: unless i am reading this all wrong lol its been a long day

No, you read this the right way, because the way you read it is the way you created it to be.
It may limit you, which is why you disagree. This is healthy.
As much as i created it this way to support me.

However, relative statements such as that are important for both of us to reiterate or adjust our stances towards LD’ing. Now that i read back at what I wrote, i believe that thought was actually an emotional thought that got caught up in an observation. To clarify, the reason why i stated to ultimately not be able to discern wake from sleep was probably a product of my wish to be lucid all the time.

If we do not discern wake from sleep, we create a probability that we will discern wake from sleep. It is more productive to simply become, rather than wish to become. To this effect, in relative terms, by stating that my ultimate goal is to not be able to tell the two apart, allows me to exist in a constant reality-check state, where my mind is constantly wondering, “this could be real, or a dream, but I can never tell…”

clever answer, u r deep, i think u r gonna have quite a lot of good ideas. :smile:

I might try this, sounds like there’s really something to it.
Good idea n00dle :smile:

i also saw “what the bleep do we know” its a very good film on metaphysics and quantum physics.

Indeed it is. Well it must be if it was responsible for allowing me to be lucid after 6 months of continuously failed attempts…

That ‘I AM’ statement doesn’t only work for LDing, it works for nearly everything. I’ve heard of this before and have tried it in other areas.


Congratulations on finding a way that works for you.

Your method reminds me of a chapter in EWLD where labarge attended a workshop taught by a Tibetan Buddhist, Rinpoche or “Precious Jewl”.

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I just know this is going to work for me tonight, and I just know that i’ll love n00dle for helping me with this. I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks n00dle, you opened my eyes, all the nights I wish to have a LD, but now I know I’ll have one, and this will be tonight.
Thanks a lot

N00dle its been about 2 weeks of me trying to get LD’s and last night i read this topic before bed. As i was going to sleep i said to myself I am lucid and omg i cant completely remember what brought it on, but i decided to do RC’s in my dream finally. After poking my finger into my hand and breathing through a closed nose i became lucid for the 1st time. I tried so many different things and it was a long long dream, i flew, climed up walls, swam super fast in ocean, tried to materialize things, spinning to go somewhere else. It was great, so today i decided to take a nap and try again, but i couldnt remember my dream from my nap. So hopefully tonight it will work, do you have any more advice? for using this method?

when you say as you were going to sleep, do you mean you said nothuing else untill you fell alseep or you said it for a long time then stopped and jus forgot about it and went to sleep, because when i say something in my mind like that its hard to fall asleep i have to stop it then go to sleep you know? but i really like this method. I believe LD can be super easy if we make our minds think that.

You are the dream. Just stop and look around and realize that you are everything around you.Then the lucid dream really begins.