Stop trying to dream - Part II

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Oh my, this thread is still going? well kudos to a good topic, anyway about your whole theory, It wouldent as as hard to belive if you just concretley stated that all of these things are relative to YOU and only you. If I dident know you (an i dont really) You dont exist right? yet here you are at your computer, so in relevance to ME no you dont exist. Im sure more people wouldent poke as much fun. Your going overboard by saying you create people, however there are diffrent ways to look at it. You can affect somones life physically which would literally affect both YOU AND the other PERSON or you could look at it from the ‘Just-You-Point-Of-View’ and say, I dont know them therefore they dont exist. I know them, I created them. (iv’e only read the last 2 pages of this topic, so if im off, please dont attack me like a pack of wolves) Bye:)

Thats what i was thinking, LDreamer. And yes, quite a good topic.
P.S: hey n00dle! You don’t exist! lol just joking.

Good, i didn’t want you as a follower. I don’t want any followers. You should be your own god. :smile:

Absolutely, because you kicked me in the leg 30 times. But being mad at you is also being mad at me. Since you’re a projection of myself, I’d be more angry that I didn’t understand why i chose to let myself be kicked in the leg to begin with. And because of such, my anger would probably fade, and my energy would be better spent understanding why the situation unfolded that particular way, rather than being annoyed in the moment.

Absolutely. All the time, for doing dumb things. Even though it’s me doing all the dumb things, I have to accept that i’m not perfect, and I too, get attached to the aparations of other beings i place in my life. By ‘theory’, I shouldn’t, but I do, because i create those limitations. It’s part of the obstacle i create that keeps me here. If i didn’t have at least another self-aware being to interact with, a) it’d be pretty lonely and b) since i’d have no other awareness reference point, i’d probably quickly cease to exist

Why does the king employ a jester? :smile:

Probably, but then everyone would’ve gone “puh.” and not listened. Thanks to this, my msn list grew full of people for me to destroy thier beautifully arranged concepts of reality :smile: Plus, i’m having fun. i’m sure a lot of people are here too, debating this.

I exist, i assure you that. Just saying that i don’t exist isnt enough to make me nonexistant, is the point here. you can’t say “I am lucid” and just be lucid… it takes more then that, it takes an entire reset of perspective. (hence this thread)

Maybe everyone goes underboard :razz:

You can only see things as just your point of view. For example, It’s your choice whether your point of view affects others, or yourself… If you kill someone, it’s your choice to feel bad. Sometimes killing another person is justafiable. Most are just conditioned into thinking they don’t have a choice.

I won’t attack you like a pack of wolves, just like a pack of noodles :smile:

ok, well a point I wanna get out is, true you do raise a good argument in alot of situations but i’ve read quite a few in which you simply use big words or alot of gibberish that sounds like it’s answering the other persons question, but misses it enitrley. But nice job on not turning into a jerk an stuff. I dont really feel like serasting for examples because I dont feel like getting confused reading a large array of words that are mixed up to confuse me, plus its 3 a.m. over here. Im sure other people could probably quote you on it an show you how you missed the question. Then again, you’ll probably say something like “Oh, but I WANTED to not answer the question therefore I answerd it correctly as long as I answerd it, it is correct…blah blah confuse blah create people blah” lol anyway good topic again, and im not roasting you just pointing something out that shoulda been said.

Well…I liked this topic on the first part of the first page, which was the first post…lol. But I think it’s kind of changed into something else… From what I see, you believe you are better than everybody else, and that everybody else, does not have control over what they do. You have control over what they do.

So tell me, does this mean YOU are the one responsible for September 11? Were you the one who caused Hurricane Katrina? Was it you that led all politicians in America insane enough to make them want to spaz out and kill everybody in their way, just so they could get oil? Tell me…is everything in this world wrong and corrupt because of you? If not…all I have to say is the world doesn’t revolve around you buddy. There ARE other people here.

I don’t know if you have problems…or if you are just trying to sound smart and be the next Albert Einstein. Either way though…give it up…all you are doing is pissing everybody off with your lame responses.

n00dle, if I may… :wink:

He does not (I think). He does not think, he KNOWS he created them. In his point of view, everyone is created by him. Even us. Anything we do are choices of his. He does not think he’s better than any of us, he thinks he created everything (not saying it is true or not).

As a matter of fact, yes. He chose for everything to happen.

Well, it IS his world…

The only person he’s pissing off is you. If you’ve read the other replies, everyone think it’s interesting and/or funny. He does not have problems, this is just his theory of the world and lucidity with it.

Reminds me of the Matrix, Morphius says, “Stop trying to hit me and hit me.” When he’s testing what Neo knows. That’s a good one.

You are insane.

Bikbau, why am I insane?


noodle is a nut

whatever buddy. Let me just move the ticker to +1 followers of this insane person. If you believe this kid is the next jesus…haha you too also have problems.

and…I’m positive that I’m not the only one that thinks this guy is a loser for what hes been saying. Look how he thinks. I can’t even explain how retarded this is. lol. Either this is some huge stupid joke, or somebody needs to pay their psychologist a teeny weeny bit more.

…says someone with the sig “Limits only exist in your head”. Talk about irony :wink:.

It is a matter of perception. Each individual creates a perception of the world around them. They take cues from sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and even memory. Your brain is the one creating the world around you. A schizophrenic sees a warped perception of “reality”. But to them everything they see is real. Just like in your dreams.
You create everything you see, even though you may be convinced its all real.

A person may simply refuse to think of others as real individuals because the image of them is created by themselves. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I can’t see Jupiter right now, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is a dangerous view to adopt unless you also have an understanding how others view the world. It is however completely logical and can be very rewarding if used with discretion. You can learn alot about yourself. You risk alienation though.

n00dle, you claim you can control everything, so prove you are right and choose to let me win the lottery. It shouldn’t be so hard, should it? :razz:

Its not that easy. The subconscious is the one in control. The conscious is only there for the ride. Would the world be the same if you could let everyone could win the lottery? What if everyone could survive? The point is not that you CONTROL everything. Everything is CREATED from you. You may not be able to control it, or may not know how to.

let me get this straight…are we talking about just this one guy, noodle, being able to control everything because hes jesus…lol…or are we talking about everybody having the ability to control fate… I’m very confused…and the answer to that question could settle so much for me being against this son of jesus.

I don’t think you get what he is saying, its about his own perception of reality and since his own mind creates through his choices of thought whatever he sees he is somewhat of a creator of whatever happens.

Whatever you do through his p.o.v is whatever he decided beforehand, it can be considered a kind of delusion, though I would say he never mention he could point a finger at someone and let him die, go look at the example, what he is suggesting is not some simple kiddy way of thinking how the world revolves - he and i exist, so we must both exist, what about illusions? Think it over before shooting him for the wrong things.

I think it would be safe to say he means on a very small scale. Almost superconciously. No, it would probably be near impossible to make the sun explode, he means on a more smaller portion.

Either way…I still think hes a nutcase. lol.

Do you understand that what YOU see is created by your OWN mind?

He did not say he was YOUR god. He did not say he could control everything YOU see. He can only claim to be a God within himself. You understand? He can’t necesarily control what he sees. He can only understand that what he sees, hears, smells, etc. is from himself. Only in dreams can you control everything.

His point is that everything that HE perceives is created from himself. Therfore you could consider yourself a God, but no one will accept you as one. We are all our own Gods. Get it now?

Although he may actually believe that you are ONLY a creation of his mind and you do not exist in reality. Then he would be pushing it. But there is nothing to prove him wrong. It is a rather cool idea of reality and could provide valuable insights.