Stop trying to dream - Part II

It is dangerous to confuse your model of reality with reality itself. If the two differ too much you can get in serious trouble. If you choose not to see any cars on a road they can still run you over. This is the point where I disagree with noodle, because he says that ignoring the cars will get you safely across the road.

If you adopt the view that something cannot harm you because you create the perception of it in your mind then yes it would be harmful. But I don’t think one would act that way. If you adopt a view that others are part of yourself, then you might be able to more compassionate towards others. You know, do unto others are you would have them do unto you. You of course would always have to ground yourself in reality.

I meant n00dle. :wink:

End of story :grin:

well…this is fun and dandy…but to me, it is all a matter of belief. Every person has their own beliefs…and it turns out noodle has one that is…well…special. lol. You can think anything you want, but it doesn’t really make it true or real. I could believe that I can stick my hand through the wall… Does that mean I can do it? NO! I could also be crazy and think some guy created the Earth and governs all people…but where is my proof for that? It’s just a belief.

Stop acting like you guys know what you are talking about, especially about an idea coming from another person. We all go our own ways…and sometimes people collide with one another…but in the end, we all find ourselves different :smile:

You really don’t understand do you? It isn’t a belief, it’s fact.

I had this revelation long before he posted his own views, so don’t tell me that I don’t know what i’m talking about. I don’t believe in what he says, and I certainly don’t live my life that way. It is merely a way of looking at the world. Everyone could view it this way because everyone experineces the world in the same manner.

You miss the entire point. The point is not that you can’t control everything. Do you understand that the world YOU see is created entirely in your head. That doesn’t mean that what your mind creates isn’t real. It just means that the world you see is interpreted through yourself first.

Obviously others on this forum understand the concept. You are getting hung up on him controlling your fate, or that you can do things that are impossible.

SignalRed…it seems as if YOU don’t understand :-/

Ok, well im interested in this view point. How much knowlege can you(n00dle) share with us? I would really like to know if you have any information to share with me on my life path. Im definitely in a very open frame of mind right now and wouldn’t mind to hear your theories on some things. Of course, first of all, I would like to know if you have any information for me, finding this topic is somewhat like a coincidence for me and well I too saw what the bleep do we know. Im just curious since you are making some big claims here, I have some big theories of my own, and well since you know all and made everything I just figure you might have something to tell me.

So let me get this straight. You DON’T believe that everything you see is a construct of your own mind? Then what do you see? Its not a matter of belief. All the information you are processing RIGHT NOW is being filtered through your brain. Can you understand this? Don’t get me wrong, I do not subscribe to a view of the world that n00dle seems to. I know what is real and what isn’t. All i’m trying to get you to understand is where he is coming from. You aren’t a construct of myself or n00dle. You exist, but the way I see you normally may be different from the way someone else sees you. Think of colors. I see colors a certain way. But who is to say that the color you see is actually MY blue compared to yellow or something. I see it as yellow, you see it as blue, but we both know its name is actually yellow. You get it? I really don’t think you do.

come on, people… use your NOODLE!!!

Well dude everytime I try to lay down what hes sayin, which im doin the right way he always has some stupid/dramtic response, it would help if he explained it in a normal way. And not like hes a damn actor.

Yeah, he doesn’t exactly foster a sense of useful discussion.

I explain things with the detail they require. I answer almost every question i see using quotes, as i do in this format here. If you think i turn into gibberish, just ask me to condense it. Just be aware that condensing the answer to the point where you loose detail, is what allows people here to debate it. So less waffling on ultimately leads to more waffling on. :smile:

I don’t wish to confuse you on purpose. I’ll probably be writing a summary of my theories (with appropriate diagrams) based on the contents of the discussion in this thread.

I try to answer every question that gets thrown at me, i dont try to avoid them. What’d be the alabi in me making this thread then? getting famous? hell no. this thread is for you guys, not for me. I already sussed all this stuff out. :smile:

You really have misunderstood this thread. Reality is relative. YOU are your own god, that’s what gives you the power to do whatever you want, as soon as you truly realise it. I can only speak from my own perspective because thats the only perspective i have on reality, my own. Me saying that I am god, is simpler than me saying everyone is god. But it’s the same thing.

Yes, other people that exist only within my perspective. That’s the only way i can look at things. So yes, everything is my ‘fault’. Does that mean you can blame me for it? No, because from your perspective, those things also occured. It is equally your fault. it is equally everyone’s fault.

Oh and by the way BenDrummin,
A) everyone has problems, it’s those who realise it and identify it that ultimately end up being able to control it
b) i’m not trying to sound smart. i’m trying to help people.
c) i’m not the next albert einstein. i don’t set role models, else i limit myself.
d) i’ll continue this thread so long as one person can gain positive insight from it.
e) i find it hard to respond with you on the same intelligence level if you are just going to participate in this thread to add negativity and be abusive.

Part of the reason why this thread is getting confusing is because of the amount of people i have to respond to on one single script. If anyone here thinks they are being ‘ignored’ or getting confused or not having ‘questions answerwed’, feel free to add me to msn, and when i have time, i’ll sit down and explain the situation and answer all questions - as i have done to plenty of people lately - on a one on one basis. I’m doing the best i can, please don’t flame me for it.

TweaK: i’m proud of you dude, you’ve really hit the nail right on the head.

tris69, Bikbau:
The only difference between insanity and intelligence is success.
I know i’m seeing visual hallucinations of people, trees, the world around me. But that doesn’t make me insane, because i understand what’s going on and work to achieve the best i can in the situation i am given.

SignalRed understands. I sympathise in the fact he disagrees that you can control everything 100%. And you can’t, with an ego. And when you have no ego, the concept of controlling your awareness is impossible. So yeah, it’s impossible to control everything. But the reason WHY you dont win the lotto, and WHY you can’t just see me fly, is because your so conditioned by yourself, by laughing at it and not taking it seriously, that your probability of that situation occuring is like, 1 in 10 trillion billion, etc. The more you TRULY believe you can fly, that you can LD, that you can conciously control your surroundings, the HIGHER the chance you can. That doesnt mean you just jump off a building and fly, because you’ll probably fall. It means the more you believe you can fly (from the ground, silly) the more times you evaluate that situation, the more likely it is to occur. Ie, the more times you believe you are truly lucid, means the more times you are likely to attain that state. So if you believe you are truly lucid all the time, your chances of being truly lucid all the time favour that state of mind :smile:

LDreamer, everyone communicates differently. I’m communicating how i can. Feel free to contact me on msn if you wish me to try to bridge the communication gap a bit more. But it seems TweaK understands what i’m saying. He hit the nail right on the head, and seems to be able to ‘summarise’ it. So perhaps TweaK can help ‘translate’ until a point is reached where you simply need the information within my sentences to explain things. shrug

Just because i failed, doesn’t mean i wont keep trying. Just ask me in PM, or MSN, or email, to explain things - if you are personally stuck and the forum doesn’t seem to help you understand - and how you would like it explained. (your best way of communication) and i’ll try to cater for your needs.

Thanks for that post n00dle, it cleared some things up for me. I still think it is dangerous to adopt this construct 100%. If you are eventually able to control everything within yourself and project it to the waking world then you run the risk of alienating yourself from the world. What would keep you from straying from the world and enclosing yourself inside your own world?

I feel personally that one could only achieve 100% control in death. What are your thoughts?

SignalRed, it is impossible to achieve 100% with an ego. So yes, what you say is very true, in terms of 100% being applicable only in ‘death’ (ego destruction).

I simply maintain a state of what i call “99.99999%” which means i conciously (and conciously attack my subconcious) to achieve as close a state as possible to 100%. Yes, it fails. That’s the truth. But if you sit there and KNOW you are lucid 100% of the time, 99.9999% of the time, it works :smile: And the other remainder percentage that fails, you can easily put reason to. In fact we just did. :smile:

Apologies about my earlier confusion. I too can get confused with the amount of words needed to express such a little concept, but alas thats the limitations of language.

The remainder is the loophole.

Aye, smack bang on :smile:

I’m starting to become smart… xD

I think this is an interesting idea. I will have to consider it.

Wow. This thread is…well, beyond words. I’m not even going to try to comment on most of what’s been said here.

However, thank you for the original post, n00dle. It’s at least some food for thought, although I disagree with a lot of what you’ve said.