Stop trying to dream.

clever answer, u r deep, i think u r gonna have quite a lot of good ideas. :smile:

I might try this, sounds like there’s really something to it.
Good idea n00dle :smile:

i also saw “what the bleep do we know” its a very good film on metaphysics and quantum physics.

Indeed it is. Well it must be if it was responsible for allowing me to be lucid after 6 months of continuously failed attempts…

That ‘I AM’ statement doesn’t only work for LDing, it works for nearly everything. I’ve heard of this before and have tried it in other areas.


Congratulations on finding a way that works for you.

Your method reminds me of a chapter in EWLD where labarge attended a workshop taught by a Tibetan Buddhist, Rinpoche or “Precious Jewl”.

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I just know this is going to work for me tonight, and I just know that i’ll love n00dle for helping me with this. I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks n00dle, you opened my eyes, all the nights I wish to have a LD, but now I know I’ll have one, and this will be tonight.
Thanks a lot

N00dle its been about 2 weeks of me trying to get LD’s and last night i read this topic before bed. As i was going to sleep i said to myself I am lucid and omg i cant completely remember what brought it on, but i decided to do RC’s in my dream finally. After poking my finger into my hand and breathing through a closed nose i became lucid for the 1st time. I tried so many different things and it was a long long dream, i flew, climed up walls, swam super fast in ocean, tried to materialize things, spinning to go somewhere else. It was great, so today i decided to take a nap and try again, but i couldnt remember my dream from my nap. So hopefully tonight it will work, do you have any more advice? for using this method?

when you say as you were going to sleep, do you mean you said nothuing else untill you fell alseep or you said it for a long time then stopped and jus forgot about it and went to sleep, because when i say something in my mind like that its hard to fall asleep i have to stop it then go to sleep you know? but i really like this method. I believe LD can be super easy if we make our minds think that.

You are the dream. Just stop and look around and realize that you are everything around you.Then the lucid dream really begins.

No it isn’t. There are a few threads around that deal with this movie and they all point out the HUGE holes in the science in it. … 76&start=0

Heres a good page that comments on why there are sp many flaws in the film: … 79,00.html

I pretty much said it until i went unconscious. As i dont remember that transition, i said it as long as i possibly could. Sincei cant remember what made me remember to doa reality check, i believe i repeated in my dream, I am lucid one more tiem then realized i was in the dream. Last night i tried again and said it pretty close to when i fell asleep but couldnt even remember my dream thismorning :sad:

You know I’ve tried not trying but I’ve never tried this…The Power of Positive Thinking right? Ok I’ll give it a try…I am lucid! I am lucid! I am Lucid! I’ll let you know how it works out. :wink:

n00dle, I must admit your post was very nicely put.

I watched What the bleep do we know too, we even have a copy of it at home.

I tried this last night, only I used it for dream recall, because I’ve had a few nights of bad dream recall.
I said, “I AM able to recall dreams”, or rather, I thought it, without really using words, just, the idea and the intention. Its hard to explain. But it worked :smile: I recalled a very long dream in the morning, and parts of it are still comming back to me :smile:

Hi n00dle!!

I have only one and single simple question - how can I believe?
I have the same approach to life as you, but for years I try to believe. Sometimes I’m trying to do stuff so I’m saying to myself “I can move this glass without touching it, this whole world is a creation of mine”, and stuff like this. But the thing that limits me is my slightest doubt. How can I remove it?

That slightest doubt is what i call sitting on the grey-line-fence.

Its the condensation of all ‘hazy’ factors leading to either choice A or choice B.

If you are sitting on the greyline fence, you have choices.

You can sit on the fence.
You can step into yard A.
You can step into yard B.

All of those thoughts are process based. Sitting on the fence is a process, stepping into either yard is a process. The process involves whatever actions required to get from fence to A or fence to B, or to maintain balance on the fence. All three examples will fail ultimately, because processes are gradients from one location to another.

In simple terms:

If you want to walk to the shops, you have to perform the process of walking to the shops. you could get hit by a bus, fall and break your leg, etc, infinite variables stopping you from reaching your destination. This is sitting on the greyline fence.

But what if you just walk outside and purely acknowledge the fact that you are at the shops? Suddenly you look around and realise you’re not at home, you’re at the shops.

It’s like reality teleportation. Walking from A to B is a gradient that can be full of failures and problems.
But if you just warp instantaneously from A to B, there is no process, and you realise that you are just at B.

A practical example of this is long distance driving. Next time you go for a mega long drive, you’ll start to get fatigued, and suddenly you’ll go “WHOA, i’m at my destination already”

what you experience there is, the removal of the greyline fence theory. You get in the car expecting a greyline system to occur, but sometimes you just blink and you’re at your destination. That’s the practical acheivement of this state. Now just implement that theory into your subconcious. dont drive from conciousness to subconciousness. Just blink and go ‘wow, i’m there already.’

oh yes, and in reference to ‘what the bleep’ and it’s critiques, yes, it is a wacky-ass cult movie with little scientific merit and obscure doubtable links. this is not important.

i didnt watch the movie, i read it. i listened to the words, and simply put, there is about 10% gold in 90% fools gold. Hear the words. Watch the movie with your sound up and tv off. take in what makes sense and hits home to you, and reject the rest. only about 2 minutes of that movie made ‘sense’ to me that i integrated, but that is the process of research, filtering the garbage from the truth, and life tends to have good nuggets of truth, often hidden inside large quantites of bad quality ore. start refining, and after a while you’ll end up with a list of only the truths you require for your life.

I gave a friend two statements, two simple sentances which were derived from about 2 years of experience, movies, documentaries, personal experiences. i collected the best quality and choice of data for those sentances. he came back to me 6 months later saying it is still up on his pinboard and he still reads it daily. go figure. :smile:

You’ll have to excuse me for my ignorance.

Thanks for you reply, first of all.
Secondly, I read it, and I still do not understand this ‘teleportation’ proccess and how it can be done.

Are you just removing from your brain the memory of the walking? Or … what?

Thanks in advance.