Im Back and im Determined!

Hi Ld4all members,

I recently quit LD but now im back! im giving up on the FILD technique and trying wild i have had some realy weird normal dreams in the past week if you want to hear about them let me know! i also need to know tips and help for wild!



Hi Harry and welcome back! :content:

I’ve also been investing in WILD these past days. It can be a little tricky, but worth it! This might be obvious, but what I’ve noticed is you have to stay completely still. That includes swallowing and moving your eyes. A little practice makes this easier. If you fall asleep to quick, try counting. I’ve been also “Looking for HI”, I look into the blackness and pay attention to the little differences in the black, little spots and stuff like that.

I think the trick is to read a lot about WILD and try little different things and see what results you get… good luck! :wink:

To be honest, I think this is the best technique. I also came back to lucid dreaming, and I found this, and this is what gave me an LD.

[url]Stop trying to dream.]

It’s always good to rededicate yourself to something that you want to do, hopefully you’ll have some success in your comeback.

But, out of curiosity, why are you stopping FILD? I ask because I’m interested in trying it and just wanted to know what went wrong for you.

I think WILD is what I did the other day. It was probably the most lucid I’ve ever been. It was like regular, waking consciousness. I need to read more about WILD, too.


I just couldn’t stay awake after WBTB and I don’t ushall get to sleep untill 3 or 4 but I heard I worked realy well so I think you should give it a try

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Oh, and a hint for WILD: stretch when you wake up to do it. It helped me a ton to stretch right after I got up and went to the bathroom.