I know i can get a lucid dream, and i know i will have one someday! …

But whenever i say a mantra, or i think troughout the day: I will have a lucid dream tonight, stuff like doing so … I have this (little) doubt, that: I quite dont think that i will, after all theese time i’ve failed…

I think that is one of my biggest problems right now :meh:
How can i get rid of this doubt?

Please :help: !..

You should forget all you know about it’s being hard, because it’s a LIE.
Understand that it’s all about your decision, it’s YOUR mind, after all.

It’s simple,
All you need to do to have LDs naturally, is to -
a. Be aware, of your feeling (the inside) and environment. (the outside)
b. Truly, question reality.
c. To decide, you need to be sure that you really want this.

I decide to realize I’m dreaming.

Just relax, and it will happen sooner than you think. :smile:

Thx, i just have questions to the answers you made :shy:

a). When you say: be aware, do you mean i need to feel how im feeling, how shapes are, how it looks so on, so on?
b) By truly question reality, do you mean, i have to really mean what im asking? (e.g; is this a dream)

Thanks in advance :smile:

Answers~ :razz:

Umm… yea, pretty much.
When I say aware, I mean to be at that certain moment.
If you walk a boring walk, use your senses and absorb what surrounds you.
Feel the grass under your shoes and notice the bird that just passed by.
Hush your thoughts of the future and the past, because they don’t really exist.
Focus on what there is.

Now, that you noticed the bird passing by, ask yourself -
Should it be here? Should I be here? Where am I walking to? Why? Is it a dream?
You never know if it’s all a big false awakening.
That’s where RCs come to the picture,
To really help you to decide if it’s a dream or WL.

Hope it’s more clear. :smile:

I’ve heard that when you are really frustrated that the best thing to do is forget about trying for the nonce. I guess a lot of people have their first LD’s after they’ve given up due to being too frustrated exactly like you.

Maybe find some other hobby and come back after you’ve put it out of your mind when it pops back in and you’re optimistic about it again. Optimism is key.

very insightful for your age. thanks to LDs?

LOL, thanks.
Well, LDs did help. :tongue:

Well, i’ve tried that for 4 days … I didnt think about it, pretty much … It didnt make me get a lucid dream … When i finally got into it again, didnt give one either, so i don’t know, if that’s what i have to do :cool:

just don’t forget that doubting makes it harder to LD, but it doesn’t make it impossible! :tongue:

and I agree, nice posts Leeh :grin:

Well, mattias…

That is why i was asking for help, because i know doubt makes it slightly harder to have a lucid dream :smile:

But i might think i had a really low awareness lucid dream this night, im not sure tho xD … so i guess my doubt will be a minor problem soon :smile:

I think lots of what Leeh says can be very helpful when applied ! :smile:

also, kinda counter intuitive, but you might wanna work (in whatever way you feel comfortable) towards letting go of wanting and trying to control… it really just blocks it.

4 days isn’t long enough because you probably did think about it here and there still… especially if you were trying not to think about it… you were still focused on getting a lucid dream at that point

anyway… believe to yourself that what you had last night WAS a low lucid dream and that will help a lot

like me, you might be trying too hard, take a break and let it happen maybe

Go here! … r=asc&&sta rt=15

Say thanks to n00dle

page 2 to get rid of doubt, page 1 on how to ld.


I also read something about part of our subconscious called our " Limiting Mind " which is the part that tells us " man you can’t do that, " and " that’ll never work " ( when of course its something you want to do, not something you factually know isn’t going to work like robbing a bank with dixie cups and peanuts and returning the money a week later to claim the reward and turning yourself in )