Gah, why can't I LD??!?

I’ve been trying for a month and I still haven’t had a single LD. What the heck’s wrong with me? Not only that but I can’t even get SP anymore. Instead I just lay there waiting for a looooong time. Maybe it’s because I’m doing it wrong. I first start by getting into a comfortable position and then I wait about five minutes to relax and start to count my breathing. So could anyone tell me what’s my problem??

Hi there,
First of all, you shouldn’t blame yourself, becoming lucid is a proccess which you prepare your mind, so sometimes it may take a bit till you discover the right way your body works.

Anyways, don’t focus too much on having one LD just follow the techniques.
When trying WILD do it after 5 hours of sleep, when you’re in REM state, it’s a lot easier. Lay down, relax all your muscles, I mean feel that happening, being relaxed. Then focus on your breathing, doing it slowly and deeply till you feel really confortable. So numbness will start slowly and if everything goes all right you’ll feel SP.

There’s no exactly time to SP starts, just let your body relax as you would while in sleeping proccess.

Here’s a great post that you/everyone should read, it’s really inspiring and has a great concept. Stop trying to dream

all I can say is that everyone has his ups and downs ! I became so frustrated trying to LD everynight that I stopped for a few days. So it depends on your state of mind. Are you feeling angry or frustrated ? Read a lot about other methods to relax, find links to train your meditation, or just try it your own way, experiment.
And if nothing works, then you do something else, and come back to it later !

Because from my own experience, I can say it’s no use to think that having LD is a self service, sometimes you don’t have the right state of mind and you just can’t manage to find your way to LD.

But others will say it, maybe you can’t because you’re not 100% convinced it will work.
I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me, so I’m doing something else at the moment, and will come back to it more relaxed.

Don’t worry, we’ll all find a way to LD, and then we can train to have it more frequently and master it ! All I say is it’s not magic, it’s not self service. It can be easy or hard. But everyone here has had his ups and down on the road to lucidity.

For starters, DILD might be the right way - one learns to get confident with his/her dreams the soft way, and by remembering that feeling you would have more chance to induce it again when WILD’ing. Not to mention trying to WILD could keep you from some healthy hours of sleep :tongue: so I would reccomend to try and read dreamsigns at first, RC’ing when needed or just wondering if it’s a dream, looking for incongruities. WILD requires a little confidence with the dream state, and as such I advice to have a few LD’s before trying, to make the process smoother. Just set the intention to recognize the dreamstate and become lucid, when going to sleep :wink:

Don’t get discouraged, you’ll make it! but just don’t give up, if a method dosen’t work for you, try another. there’s a method that i found out to be working good, go to sleep and then when you wake up randomly in the night just don’t move and close your eyes, try to sleep but keep your focused by any method u wish, good luck!

If you are trying too hard, you could be getting stressed and that can drive all the lucid dreams away. Try a combination of different techniques. Or, give yourself a break. Get into other activities such as meditation or advanced relaxation techniques. Lucid dreaming is elusive and I know it comes with time.

a month isnt really that long, my first didnt happen untill a month and abit after i started, the next more like a month after that. so you see with patience and determination it comes easier with time, and that was only 2 LDs, a third and fourth will only keep me trying that much more. so if you think about, its like you work to gather the wood, the wood fuels your fire, and eventually a pheonix rises from the ashes.

I had that issue when I first started. It seemed nothing would actually induce an LD, and I began to think that I wasn’t capable of it. Then on the night that I gave up, I got my first snippet of lucidity. Then it seemed like every month or two I would get a brief (3-5 sec) LD. Finally, after almost three years, I managed to get in control and maintain the dream for a while. Now I’ve had at least 5 vivid and long LDs (well, 5 that I remember), and they’ve started becoming more frequent.

There are two critical things you have to do. 1: (and its already been said) don’t worry about it. It is bound to happen eventually. It may not come naturally, but it will come. 2: be patient. Like I said, its taken four years just for me to get to the point of having a couple of vivid LDs a month that last longer than two minutes.

Stick with it. That’s a part that a lot of new people get lost on. I can tell you that its definitely wort it in the end.