Douglas Adams explains how to fly

-Excerpt from “Life, the Universe, and Everything” by Douglas Adams.

I just thought it would be easier to achieve this in a LD. Good luck!

By the way, I have no idea if this is the right place to put this. These forums are still a maze to me.

Haha, thats good. “miss the ground” Kind of hard to do in RL with gravity and all…but a LD, no prob.

Ah yes. My brother told me about this.
Just to clarify a bit

what does pseudopodia have to do with flying?

anyway i’d be more interested to try this in real life… fling yourself at the bed [no not the ground!] and try to forget you are falling!

i’ve tried it like 4 times lol. it’s fun though, because you pay attention to the sensation of falling and try to remain in that feeling.

i don’t advise trying it in any dangerous way, nor am i suggesting it possible but…

I just thought it was funny. I guessed psedopodia meant false legs. But I had to know for sure so being enlightened by the dictionary the sentence about them became more funny.

When i first “tried” to fly in my LD, i was so excited at the idea that i just jumped, spread myself, arms and legs wide…and landed on my face. It didn’t hurt, it was hilarious, i just laughed at my futile attempt. Even though i genuinly believed i would at least float over the floor, i guess at the very last moment a doubt crept into my head and BAM…

Oh well. Live and learn. Or should i say wake up and learn :tongue: .

I’ve done the Hitchhiker’s Guide thing in a ND, but not a LD. I was running from a huge mob of people when I tripped, and as I was falling I looked back and got distracted by the mob again and just sort of floated off.

In LDs, the flying method that works best for me is just jumping as high as I can and not expecting to come down. In all of my dreams I have the ability to jump around thirty feet at a time, and eventually I realized that the only reason I came down afterward was because I was expecting to.