Dragon Shouts

Yesterday I had a lucid dream which is kind of rare for me. I had been playing Skyrim earlier and had loved the dragon shouts. When I had my lucid dream I thought that I should do a dragon shout and I did it and it was probably the coolest thing i’ve ever done. I had a hurricaine of wind shoot out of my mouth at a house. Someone please try this and get back to me, you wont regret it.

Not lucid, but I did dream that I used the voice, but it was a whisper. Made some fire. But I felt that I could use my voice for anything, and was a little concerned that I might cause unintentional harm. Guess I know how the Greybeards feel. I would try something more while lucid, though I don’t think I could make myself use the dragon language. I would just… feel… too… nerdy.

It’s really weird, but I’ve been dreaming about skyrim for a couple of days right now… Even though I don’t play all that much. Most of them involved fighting dragons and doing quests for Ulfric… T_T

That sound so awesome!!!
I wish I had dreams like that!

The title brought me here. this sounds AWESOME
i would love to give this a go!

Very sorry, I need 5 posts.

I used to do dragon shouts in my LD’s but then I took an arrow to the knee :wink:.

Screw dragon shouts, they are limited to that game, try making up your own that are 100 times awesomer like one that shoots outa your toes that makes everyone dance…

Meh, they might be from a game but still seem totally worth it to me XD.

Who cares if an awesome concept comes from somewhere else, it’s still awesome :grin:

:tardis: <— case and point

I mean… it’s a good idea but don’t limit yourself :tongue:

Skyrim is awesome

That Gives me a Great Idea. I will make up a list of shouts to try while lucid (or maybe even while dreaming :O) Alright lets give it a go.
1.) (From your Idea) You get really close to someones face and shout as loud as you can so that it would be incredibly unconformable if it was real and then the DC starts to randomly break into dance.
2.) A whisper than causes who ever it is directed at to cause illusions that will cause them to go crazy. They could turn into the break down crazy or maybe the murder crazy but either way people will try and arrest them
3.) A shout that lets you fly like a dohva (AKA Grow Dragon Wings)
4.) A shout that the words you say tear a rip in space causing a portal to open and any creature of your liking to appear to come through it.
5.) A shout that causes a mass illusion among everyone around you to make it seem like you are in a different world doing different things.

Too mutch Skyrim :happy: But shouting in dreams moust common style for wanted effects.

I was dreaming about Skyrim before even owning the game. now that i do it’s worst. good dream sign tho lol i’ve used magic on monsters and have spent a lot of time in a snow covered wilderness slaying creatures in my dreams.

Funny you should post, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how awesome it would be to Fus Ro Dah my teachers off the empire state building in a Lucid Dream.

It’s a ridiculously popular game though, I figure you aren’t the only one who’s used the Thu’um in a dream. xD

I have been using my own shouts for a few years now.
The first one I made was my clarity shout, that simply makes the dream extremely clear and detailed.
Since then I have made many shouts that have a range of effects, from a shout that turns all DC s into a unicorn to what i consider my most powerful shout:
The Armageddon- Destroy the entire universe with a single word.

I had no knowledge or awareness of Skyrim when i made my original shouts, and I don’t play video games very often.

Is there anyone else that used shouts before Skyrim was released? Let me know if you did.