Draw and Fill Relaxation Method

Hi all. Some time ago my girlfriend taught me a relaxation method that worked very good and just wanted to share it with you.

Lay down, relax your muscles and start imagining you draw the countour of your body - very slow and feeling each part you are in - , for example starting by the right foot, going straight up to your head, doing all the left and ending in the same right foot. When you have your body drawn you already feel very relaxed (try it), then you can imagine that the countour is going to be filled of ciment or whatever, down-top, very slow. When it is filled you should feel very heavy; then just unfill it (reverse the process) the same way and you’re ready. Everytime I do this I end up like floating and feeling out of my body, although I always try it before going to sleep so it’s very unlikely that I’ll enter a dream at that time. Give it a try and tell me how does it work for you!

This sounds good, I might just try it out tonight. :yes:

I’m going to try this out, thanks for sharing, I’ll report back how I felt too :peek:

Will be reporting!

I’ll try this out tonight and report.

yeah doing it tonight

Didn’t work for me.

It did help me relax a bit more, mostly just feeling heavier.

I actually forgot to try it! :tongue: Tonight for sure.

That’s something that It’s probably worth trying - I did use something similar, since, from what I understand, yours is simply a WILD relaxation technique(an effective one, though)which involves concentrating on every part of your body to remain conscious. I guess that’s actually the best way to try WILD :smile:

made me relax a lot. i used it in combonation with some breathing and i was good and relaxed

It’s funny because my girlfriend learned this in an university course at 8.30am where they would all lay down and practice relaxation techniques for one hour, some of them would fall asleep and report “very strange sensations, like being out of my body” (I’m sure none of them actually knew about LDing or OBE experiences, neither did my girlfriend because I introduced this all to her later).

I must specify that the whole process should be done in about 20 minutes or more, otherwise it doesn’t work that well.

Hey, can you explain the process of the drawing a bit further please? Do I have to close my eyes? (I suppose) And how do I exactly draw this? Thanks.

Yep, close your eyes just like you’re about to sleep. Then focus on a part of your body and start following the contour of it - very slow - until you reach the same part you’ve started on: that is what I mean by “drawing” your body. Optionally you can imagine a true brush drawing the contour of your body in the color you like the most.

Thanks, I will try it again tonight.