Drawing, and skeching...May I talk to you artist people.

I can draw pretty decent, I love drawing landscapes. Ive allso drew some other stuff, like I guess you would call it impressionest. Could you give me an example of Impressionest, or abstract art. I would allso like to see some sketches, and drawings in graphite, and charcole. If you could give me a link to a gallery. I dont really have the patints to draw, so I want to start sketching. You know those pictures that arnt detailed like drawings. Sorry if this post is slopy I hope you can understand what Im saying, I just took about 4 darvocets, and its starting to kick in. I wold allso like to see some of your own drawings, and sketching. Im just looking for information, and gallerys. Thanks

Try searching deviantart.com :smile:

I have my own little gallery there, april-ethereal.deviantart.com :smile: