Drawing images in the DJ instead of writing = yay?

I’ve just realized that I usually prefer drawing images instead of writing since my hand usually gets tired very quickly when I write, but I’m not sure exactly how effective this is compared to writing.
My idea is basically that I draw images as good as I can and make small notes on how things happened (and number them 1, 2, 3 etc so it’s easier to see in which order they happened).

When I had DJ on paper I used to do that. And I sometimes or to better say whenever I could express something in drawing I would do that. There is saying that picture can express more than a thousand words[at least in my country and language… :grin: ]

If your dream can be expressed in drawing I would say yes even if there’s just a part of your dream…

Well, we know different people have different learning styles. When it comes to regular learning, some people respond better to writing things down, others to reading, others to listening and others to images. It would only make sense that this would also change around the best ways to copy down your dreams. Do you normally learn better with images?

Why don’t you do both both? :smile:

That might work for me if I could draw better! LOL :content:

I tend to do both :content: except ive been very lazy in my DJ lately -__- But i usually write out the whole dream in words then down below i draw a picture of everything and all the details i remember and arrows of where i went etc and i put little side notes of what happened where

I’ve tried drawing my dreams and it is so hard!! Dreams have such a quality that as soon as you put it down on paper and make it concrete, it becomes something else.

Marion Peck is a very talented painter that is obsessed with trying to capture her dreams in her painting. she describes how very difficult it is. I would definitely suggest looking at some of her art. It invokes a mystifying dream quality, though she admits herself the “transformation” that happens when making her dreams into a concrete image, it basically becomes something else entirely.