Drawing out your dreamscape

I would like to create my own dream scape. To do this i would like to create blueprints in RL. I am curious what programs other people use to do this, or if they just hand draw. I am not a very good drawer, so i would like to use a program.

Try google sketchup
if you know how to use it(see tutorials on youtube) you can do virtually anything with this program

Try googling ‘dream cartography’…heres a useful post I found awile back -
dreamviews.com/community/sho … hp?t=71018

And heres a link for a program I’m trying out where you download a dream diary and map maker (all in 1) -

Ive got a good imagination and like creating maps but when it comes to mapping my dream world I’m finding it pretty hard as some places I have no idea where to put them on my map.