Dream achievements

What amazing thing have you done in a normal dream?

Maybe you managed to defeat a powerful overlord?
Or you destroyed an entire country!
List what you have done, and if you want to, you can post the dream journal entry, too.

Personally, I broke out of federal prison.

[spoiler]I broke out of federal prison

[ND]My friends and I got arrested, and put into a federal prison. My sister was also there. It was different than what a federal prison should look like. 12 cells were stored in one room. There was six cells on one side, and six cells on the other side; a hallway separated them. Two cells would be stacked on top of each other; one would be at hallway level, and one would be underneath that. There was a guard, instead of cameras. He resembled this man (No, not the pink panther, the guy :tongue: ) He was also 2-D too!. The guard was called away for a moment. He was angry, because the cellmates could escape at anytime.

Once he left, we started to work on escaping. There was 12 of us, 6 in one cell, 6 in the other. The ones in my group got out very easily. We started walking on the other cells near us. Our goal was to get the other 6 out. We went just above the cell we wanted. We had to go down some stairs. We also had to dip our toes into some sort of glowing material, that changed colors. We managed to escape.

We escaped the federal prison, and went on some sort of tour bus. We morphed into different people sometimes. We were Pokémon characters when we started riding on very large balloons.

Suddenly, the camera went back to the federal prison. The guard was just walking back from his talk. He went inside the room to find almost everyone gone. He threw his hat on the ground and started jumping on it, with gritted teeth.

Soon, we were at some sort of port. Our characters changed again, this time to humans, although they were different. Suddenly, a theme song started playing, along with video.

I remember it showing some of the characters, with the main character saying, “Do we have what it takes to survive?”[/ND][/spoiler]

Besides flying and knock out two powerful monk warriors, I’ve done magic-like stuff like teleport, telekinesis and few other things but honestly not much really.

In LDs:
I have:
Flown (using many different techs)
Spoken to DCs

I want to:
Complete an LD4all quest
Fly :tongue:
Other things, but I am saving them for later.

In NDs I have done:
Got thrown in prison
Flown (I learned to fly in NDs)
Seen a lot
Been turned to stone (didnt die- bad)
Helped people
Watched people die
and more…

BTW, check out my DJ and Creations! (DJ: [community.ld4all.com/t/shadow-dreamers-creations/30941/1))


I think I threw someone off a cliff o.O

Oh yeah, I drove vehicles. :tongue: