dream audio

Hey , anyone experience this?

I awoke after about a hour of sleep and heard a sound like a middle - aged man in a firm voice saying “Miji” or “Fiji”. It was so real I would in any other situation be scared , but I found this humourous and said “dream sound when awake? thats one for ld4all…” I remembered this happening before , but I couldnt remember it before I went to sleep. This was weird , any comments or experiences??

It could be a hypnopompic sound. It depends on how awake you are. I have seen upon awakening a stream of flickering images. It’s very close to awakening. I mean like exactly when I awakened, I was lucid so i know. If it wasn’t that close to waking up maybe it was close to falling asleep? I suppose you didn’t try to stay up efter only 1 hours sleep. So that would be hypnagogic sound. If it’s not either of those maybe your imagining capabilities were enhanced by being in a drowsy state. I have had HH that were completely convincing, My brother entering my room and asking a question. Only when i moved my head to anser did it disappear. I could see him and hear him clear as day.

hey thanks for the reply, but I dont think that it was hypnogognic or hipnopompic audio, but you are probably right about drowsyness enhancing my imagination. At the time I quickly thought of the name “dream residue” ; something left over from my dream I must’ve had.

i’ve had some good hypnopompic images.

red dots, for some reason. one time i woke up and they were still there after i got up and was moving, so i had a chance to draw them while i still saw them… briefly at least.

of course, i’m not a skilled artist… and i was sleepy and it looked like scribbles and nonsense but

then another time i had a WILD and was really scared and forced myself awake and some red dots and such were still there with me for a bit.

i think red dots, I know for sure they were there in the former but speculate about the latter.

i think its very cool.