Dream Awareness False??

Hey im getting SOOO close to having an LD but something new keeps happening. The other night i was having a big weird elaborate dream. Then i walked away from the group of DC i was talking to and said to my self, “What does it matter im dreaming anyway” or something like that. Then its like im watching a movie im getting excited but i see myself say, “Nah, im still awake”, then i go about the rest of dream. It was like i was a different person when i told myself that. But once i said i was awake, i went back to being myself. If you can understand what i just said, help me out.

I’m confused on what you mean by ‘going back to being yourself’ but it sounds like you just need to do a reality check. I don’t lucid dream from reality checks, the only way I ever lucid dream is from just realizing what I am seeing is not possible. I have had that a few times though, where you think to yourself you are dreaming then you convince yourself that you are not.

I hate that, I used to do it alot. Ive dreamt about talking about lucid dreams with people, but did not go lucid. It is frustrating, but it shows that you are getting closer to an LD.

Yeah I do that practically every dream that I see anything remotely weird in.

Very annoying indeed… But it also means you’re close. You only need to be more critical to yourself about the situation you’re in. You could for instance intensify the RCs you might do during the day. Once you develop a healthy criticism towards waking life, you won’t have to deal with these kinds of strange unclear situations anymore. Then you’ll become lucid at once and understand its implications.

Good luck :content:

Everyone says that i need to do an RC , and that if i see something that could never happen then i must be dreaming. But, when i dream i CANT remember anything what so ever from reality. I cant remember to do RC. I cant remember if something like that couldnt ever really happen. Everything seems normal until i wake up and look back on it.

thats why you just need to do them routenly throughout the day so that you will start to do them routenly throughout the night in your dreams, and be able to go lucid on a regular basis.

DeMoN is right. In normal dreams, we perceive everything as utterly normal. We never wonder about the true nature of pink elephants or other creatures. And because of that you will never think about checking the situation you’re in. You can’t remember any intention from waking life, such as doing a RC, because you’re not used to be critical in waking life. That’s why you don’t remember. But if you train your mind irl to become more critical (by doing RCs for instance), you will slowly adapt this critical state of mind in your dreams. This happens because our waking state of mind is reflected inside our dreams. If RCing becomes a habit, then this habit will continue in your dreams. Right before doing an RC then, you won’t think of waking life ofcourse, but you will feel the urge to do a RC exactly because it has become a habit to do so. With a bit of luck, the RC then triggers lucidity. And that’s why RCs can help you to become lucid.

Hope this helps a bit :smile:

Good luck!

I think im getting very close. Will someone tell me a Good way of doing W.I.L.D. I know that you concentrate on something while you go to sleep, but i dont know what. Can we concentrate on anything? Or do we concentrate on “I will be aware of my dream”?

And, ya i have started doing many more RC’s during the day. Mainly holding my nose and trying to breathe through it since its easiest. Thanx

Two months ago I actually tried to WILD in my dream. And if you have read, a lot of times when you close your eyes for a long period of time in a dream that will knock you out of the dream and wake up and that is what happened. It was silly because I layed down on the wooden floor in my living room to sleep. I have no idea how that came about. It might have been a very speratic thought to have a WILD and I just decided to start as soon as possible.