dream brain waves to thoughts in english/picuter/video???

If in like in a few decades this was possible, it would be so awesome. You know how hackers hack binaries in games? For example in super smash bros brawl the pictures are in .bin form. Hackers have changed it to jpeg. Is the same concept possible for dream waves. Im assuming it is possible to record brain waves(prettur sure you can). You could somehow change that to a .dat or .bin form(for expample you could have 2 numbers x, y on a line of code. x=amplitube of the wave, y= frequency, i think thats right), then somehow figure out how it works and change it to human thoughts or even picture and video somehow? Is it possible at all?

Decoding the cypher of human thought is a REALLY daunting challenge, and one that probably won’t be fully realized for centuries. The thing is, you can record brain waves, but those are just measurements of electrical activity. They aren’t the raw code of thought–they just show roughly how much the brain is actually doing at a given instant. In order to really decypher thoughts in another person’s brain, you need to know what each and every neuron is doing at a given moment. Not only that, but you need to know the “language” of thought, which is not simple by any means. There isn’t a happy neuron and a sad neuron and a thinking neuron–or even happy neural networks or sad neural networks and so forth. The brain is a dynamic and extraordinarily complex organ–far more advanced than even our most incredible supercomputers–and it’s likely to thwart our attempts at fully understanding it for ages to come.

Which is kinda ironic, since it’s our own brains that are trying so hard to understand themselves. :razz:

you might be interested in this. there is actually a robot out there that plays back dreams,
www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/ … xactly.php

That’s interesting, but I’m fairly sure it’s not exactly right. The notion of recording dreams in general is a bad idea. Not just bad, but I think it’s impossible, but that’s solely my opinion. In essance, during sleep, your body and mind/soul disconnect. Same with a OBE. But I don’t think that recording the brain waves and using them to play back a dream can be done. Playing back the general stress levels? Sure. You can read the actiony parts of dreams. But you can’t pull “he flew” from a wave pattern.

You’re right in that you can’t glean specific actions solely from brainwave patterns. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to record a dream. For example, look at the case of Dr. William H. Dobelle.

His research at MIT lead to the development of a vision chip implanted directly into the primary visual cortex of the brain. By sending signals from a camera and through the chip to specific neurons , it allows even the completely blind to see again.

Now, what if you reversed this effect? Then the visual; neurons would fire, be interpreted by the chip, and sent to a storage device, to be played back at will. The signal may not originate in the eyes, but a dream-sight is still decoded by the same neurons.

Granted, it would probably require an implant in the brain to record the dream, but it is possible.

take a look at this timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/u … 790683.ece

It is a bionic eye. It has a video camera and a transmitter to make blind people see(worked sucessfully 2 times out of 2 so far!). Couldnt we reverse this effect instead of inserting data into eye, couldnt we get it FROM the eye and have a transmitter for say…avi or something? It would require surjery, but it would be awesome :razz:

we have taken information from a cats eyes and put it onto a screen

surely we can

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however what is the motivation for our attention?

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