"dream budget"

Anyone else have this problem? If I’m dreaming for a while, or if there are a lot of ‘special effects’ and dream characters that aren’t based on anyone, eventually my dreams will run out of ‘resources’ and become mundane. Created people will become people I know, the environment will be somewhere I’ve memorized in real life, and I’ll have to pretend there are special effects (explosions, fire, lasers, etc.) and act as if they are real. Even some more fantastic characters vanish and I have to talk to ‘nobody’, like if there was a giant dragon in a mystical cave, I’m now either talking to my dad in my house, or I’m in the backyard talking to an invisible dragon and possibly dodging its imaginary flames.

Nope, not happening at all like this. Although I must admit that my dreams in general don’t seem very fantastical. And I think the mundaneness increased with age. I guess that’s kind of normal as you grow up and become more entangled in and concerned with real life and less with the whimsical fancies of a child.

So I think it’s nothing bad per se. But still I could do with more creative dreams, it certainly would make me happy. In the end I think it comes back to real life exposure to new and varied stimuli and experiences. Because that’s ultimately what your dreams are constructed of and around, I believe.